Ohio governor signs heartbeat bill into law


yep. the killing of babies, made legal


And if that human doesn’t want it living inside of them?




too bad. then after a few months that is no longer an issue for the mother


and, killing of humans has been made legal

because of some kind of unnatural metal illnesses. or, “feminism” applied to law


Pregnancy is stressful, mentally and physically, I would argue diminished capacity.


Cop out.


It’s not a cop out. Should someone who kills someone out of malice receive the same sentence as someone who refuses to walk a mile to get water for someone dying of thirst with no other way to get water? I don’t think so.


In your scenario the person who refuses to walk a mile to get water should be sentenced to a crime?


Yep its too bad for the fetus.


Just like the death penalty.


Its essentially hiring a hit man.


I understand the need for SOME victory, but as a general principle, you feel a fetus/embryo is a human being and has constitutional protections, those constitutional protections should not be waived because of the state you live in.

Penalties on crimes is mostly a state-by-state issue. Capital punishment is a state issue because it deals with how a person should be punished for the crimes they have been found guilty of.


Pregnant women no longer have the capacity to make decisions. As long as you’re going to advocate that across the board, and not just abortion, I guess that’s your hill to stand on. Good luck.


John Kasich vetoed the heartbeat bill because he knew it would be a waste of money and resources for the state. Abortion is legal via two Supreme Court cases, for the 1st trimester. Legalizing after five weeks will only mean litigation issues and using taxpayer money on a losing issue. Those funds would be more useful in actually helping Ohio residents in terms of education and health-care. Look I do not approve of abortion, and favor criminalizing it for most instances. Only in cases of rape, incest, life/health of the mother, would I consider making it an option to waive another person’s 5th and 14th amendment rights.


if the mother chooses to end its life so she can fit into her prom dress and continue having irresponsible sex then yes too bad for the human inside her who would have otherwise had a life


the death penalty asserts the value of life

if you take a life, then you pay with yours

conversely, if that life is an innocent unborn baby (or newly born now) it should be protected, asserting life. Instead killing it is celebrated by (and joked about) by the diseased minded radical left.


How do you know whether it’s bull feathers or not?


He likes the word. It’s just that simple.


Than she is a very shellfish woman who only thinks about herself. She only thought of herself when she had unprotected sex and now she is only thinking about herself when she kills her own child. She wants to take no responsibility for her actions.
Woman are not animals that can not control their urges.
We need to spend more time in schools talking to young women about respecting themselves and about the fact that no young man is going to love them because you have sex with them. It’s fine to explain sex and protection to them. But we need to spend more of that time letting young woman know that no man is going to respect and love them if they can’t respect and love themselves.
The woman’s movement needs to focus less on telling young woman they can be just like a man. And more time letting young woman know that they are beautiful and smart by the very fact that they are a woman.
The push for abortion in my eyes is all to protect men. These men want to have all the fun but they don’t want the responsibility of their actions. And how can they achieve this better than to push the idea to woman that well if a baby happens than well we can fix this have an abortion. It’s nothing it isn’t even a baby yet.
Just think about how Obama said well no woman should be punished with a baby. What a bunch of male chauvinist crap. No woman is punished with a baby. What he really was saying is no man should be punished with a baby because he wanted to have a night of fun.
Our children are the very future of man kind and we are treating them as if they are nothing.