Ohio governor signs heartbeat bill into law


So you don’t really believe abortion is murder.


It’s not currently no, murder is illegal. The question is should it be and what the appropriate punishment would be if it were, we don’t treat all murders the same with one set sentence guideline.


A woman having a doctor perform an abortion is equivalent to hiring a hit man to assassinate someone.


There we go. Embrace that hate.


Great idea.


No hate.


It can’t be anymore assinine than saying, “we have no more room.”

But then you’ve got THIS jackass:


■■■■■■■ with pregnant women for fun.

Principles folks.


We have no more room for those that will be more costly to our nation than what they will financially contribute. If this doesn’t make sense to you, please, PLEASE…don’t run for office.


On average, US citizens have a higher net negative balance in terms of what they “contribute” compared to illegals.


Wow…hey folks…you heard the new bull feces lib talking point right here in Hannity Land. Wow.


babies are born male too


Who get’s pregnant, men or women?


Facts; not for conservatives.

The average value of welfare benefits per immigrant was about $3,718 in 2016, about 39 percent less than the $6,081 average value of welfare benefits per native.


women get pregnant - with separate human beings


Not separate.


same human being?


Here are the facts; your link spoke of those who qualified for assistance. It didn’t include those that did not. What it also didn’t do was equate how much money the recipient contributed to these programs, prior to receiving them. There’s both a gross and a net answer. The net is the fact i want to hear, regarding all with in our borders both legal and illegal. Your claim isn’t backed up of why I called you out but you’re welcome to try again?


Immigrants still come out better than US natives as they contribute tax dollars in to the system but are not eligible for most of the benefits.


Spanky, spanky…go away, try again another day. :sunglasses: