Ohio governor signs heartbeat bill into law


I’m not interested in discussing anything with you.


Odd I don’t recall stipulating what the penalty should be.


Ask me if a give a ■■■■■


What should the penalty be for murder?




We have differing penalties for different forms of murder. If we decided as a people that abortion was murder I’d be comfortable with a year in prison for it. They aren’t a threat to the general public.


Better find a better source than that. I’ve been around for over 60 years and until Roe V Wade abortion was not even a topic of discussion at church. Why because abortion was not legal. And all legal abortions were performed to save the life of the mother. After Roe V Wade it became a topic because all life is important and we were killing babies.


Civil rights should NEVER be up to the whims of each state.

It should not matter where you live, the 5th and 14th amendment applies to every state.

If you believe abortion is murder, then you wouldn’t logically believe that it’s okay for one state to permit murder, but allow another state to criminalize it.

If you believe a fetus is a member of the woman’s body and it’s her choice, her life, then a state shouldn’t be depriving her personal freedoms.

Making it a state-by-state issue causes major conflicts, just like it did with slavery, women’s right to vote, interracial marriage, and gay marriage. What if say a woman from Mississippi travels to New York to get an abortion, is she allowed back in Mississippi? If she set foot in Mississippi again, would she be arrested?

There should always be a universal standard.


Only if we do the same thing with all the unconstitutional gun laws that leftist states are passing?


I’ve heard a few liberals here in the Buckeye state promising to flee because of this law. Just like the one’s who promised to bolt the country if Trump won. They are not keeping their word. How disappointing.


How is cutting off government funding to Plan Parent hood shutting it down? They should be able to get enough donations to keep their doors open. There are other low cost health centers that seem to keep their doors open without government welfare.


Planned parenthood should not be on welfare.


Many women voted for the ■■■■■ grabber-in-chief. There is no gender bias when it comes to being an idiot.


And when exactly does Ted Nugent get out of prison?


How dare you point out the never-ending stream of hypocritical stances by the religious right.


Dear GOP,
Please let this poster set the 2020 platform!
The Hostage Majority


Ted is from Michigan not Ohio. And I honestly did not know that he was incarcerated.


If a woman kills her born child, what should the punishment be? Is it more or less than 1 year in prison?


Your equating “morally wrong” with “being pro-life” politically.

This simply is not true, as your own stats show.


My platform wouldn’t include charging women with murder for an abortion if it was made illegal, doctors on the other hand who performed them…If you aren’t ready and able to have a child, don’t have the kind of sex that could result in one being made. Which by the way, doesn’t mean you can’t have sex.