Oh No! Is Joe getting Kavanaughed?

Is this thread about Trump or Biden? Not to raise any flags or anything.

Improper verb tense. “Was”.

It depends on whether it was consensual.


“Grabbed” is such a subjective word.

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Uh no it isn’t… pretty self explanatory

We are parsing “grabbed” now :joy:

Yes, it is.

I find this ex post facto application of standards interesting. It appears to be at best simple revenge.


Was sexual assault ok in the 80s or 90s?

Since the American people will have to chose one or the other then any thread about one of them, will also involve the other one.

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Was it sexual assault in the 80s or 90s?


Did it meet the definition? Yes.

How old were you in the 80s? What definition?

So give him the job anyway?

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Trump has over 25 accusers. I don’t see you tearing your hear out for hearings.

And yes, this is different from Kavenaugh. We didn’t have a vote in that situation. We do with this one.

or pointing out hypocrisy take your pick.

I don’t get the whole Kavanaugh pick. After the dems did what they did, I wanted him confirmed. Before that, there were better choices.

He has a weak chin.

Same thing. Will you say the same when WHATABOUTISM is turned about? Did you?

Doesn’t matter.

Sexual assault laws defined sexual assault. They existed in the 80s

:rofl: Of course it matters. Did they? How was it defined?

Doesn’t matter what I say, people will use whataboutisms to defend the one they like best or dislike the least.