Oh No! Is Joe getting Kavanaughed?

This is bad, really bad. Worse than hair sniffing. Apparently Joe is a sexual predator? The “me too” crowd will be coming down on him any minute now. Yep aaaany minute. Because we must believe women!

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Oh what a lover boy that man is…


Like with anything: innocent until proven guilty. I want to see him in court though.

I never like Joe Bite Me

Kavanaugh him. :sweat_smile:

Use the exact same standard.


She should have her chance to air her case…in front of a Senate panel…on TV.


That should disqualify him from the presidency

Agreed. I wonder if CNN agrees?

I’m fine with that.

Me too

I’ll be interested if she’s a Bernie support…or better yet Andrew Cuomo supporter.

Can someone please point me in the direction of who started this push on cuomo. It’s so dum

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I’d be interested to see if the “me too” MSM tries to bury the story.

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i’ll call judicial expert alyssa milano to sit right behind him and make anger faces and shake her head


As am I. And if there’s merit to the claim then he’s done.

We just know libs playbook. Never let a crisis go wasted.

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it’s soon going to become a “conspiracy theory”

Perfect. She can sit next to Bobby De Niro.


Notice how trump supporters in this thread don’t seem to actually care yet Democrats in this thread do… :thinking:

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That would depend on if they bury it or not.

Supposedly happened in 93.

Trump got 2 thumbs up from his worshippers when in came to sexual assault cases.

Why is this different? Right, I know.

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