Oh No! Is Joe getting Kavanaughed?

That’s not an answer. That’s a bumper sticker. But hey thanks Calvin

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So did this story just come out a few hours ago in ya’lls email inbox?

With all due respect. We get it. We know your opinion of us. Nothing new here. It’s starting to get broken record boring. :yawning_face:


so who sees this as part of the plan to get NY gangster Cuomo the nom?

I get “smart news” on my phone. It’s pretty good. Covers all view points.

I’m not ready to go there. But the timing is quite interesting. And the DNC is dirty enough to do it.

I goggled. It’s making the usual rounds. I’m still not going to dismiss it automatically thougj

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In private chat I did about day media started talking about it.

Come on…if you don’t think Cuomo isn’t milking this? It seems thou he’s gotten in over his head as of late.

kinda where i am on it to

but still for no reason here’s this:

I respectfully ask that you stay away from the personal crap and get back on topic. I don’t want to flag you.


you’re the only one bringing up trump son

julie sweatnik call your office!

And you have a problem with that? :crazy_face:

I am addressing your posts which all revolve around how unfair the media is to your fellow Republicans.

Instead, of you know, making it about the woman who is saying she was sexual assaulted.

Speaking of the media, do you think CNN will immediately believe her as they did with Kavanaugh? Will they cover it as all?

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“I don’t remember certain aspects of the assault”

Well, shoulda woulda coulda. Too late now.

Biden is such a pathetic tool already. I actually feel sorry for him. No need to add this to the plate.

I don’t know. Apparently this story just came out today, during a historical pandemic so we will find out.

Do you believe the woman? You’re not commenting much on the claim itself. Why not?

But she did remember the fingers. She’s either lying about that or she is not. No gray area. Should this be treated differently than the Kav situation? If so why?

Oh, btw, both parties and media arms do it. So I won’t critique one over the other because both R and D do it

At this point. I’m on the fence. I would like to hear from Joe. If it’s just his word against hers, without any other evidence, I would give Joe the benefit of the doubt. As I did Kavanaugh. Not enough info. I don’t know anything about her.