Obvious pay off, Maxwell trial

Red hot steel bends easily. Think of “Sherman’s Bow Ties,” where the Union Army would heat a steel rail, from a rail line, red hot at it’s center and then bend it around a tree to make it useless.

Kinda like a “moderate” Republican that wants to get along with Democrats so bad that they go along with anything.

Ar a minimum he was running a blackmail operation.

Also, how many federal judges can there be? It’s not like there are thousands to chose from, and they went shopping for the judge most likely to play ball.

Also, also what are the implications here? If you are an outstanding jurist, you’d better hope you don’t get a high profile case, and thereby stymie your career advancement by doing your job!?

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No reason someone blackmailing for cash wouldn’t also call in political favors as well. Epstein doesn’t seem like a lone actor to me, he was being run by someone’s state intelligence. Ours I would imagine, otherwise they would have caught on to and stopped him given how sensitive and high profile his “guests” were.

Or it could be that he was a rich ■■■■■■■ who didn’t suffer the consequences for his crimes because he is wealthy and the system protects those people.

That our justice system is not based on really serving out justice that it is instead more of a tool of social control of the poor while leaving the wealthy pretty much free to operate however they wish because politically it is easier and cheaper to go after those who do not have the means to mount an expensive legal defense.

That Epstein was able to live this open secret until journalists in Florida uncovered the special favors doled out to him by Acosta and it was overwhelming public outrage that took him down.

Could be that also.


Well said.

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He was eventually rich, not initially. He appears to have leveraged his way into money through Ms Maxwell’s dad in the beginning.

This is venturing into “tinfoil hat” thread territory.

And I don’t care how rich you are, if our intel found out you were compromising high ranking political figures you would be disappeared, if it wasn’t their operation.

Oh yes, only a kook fringe believe Epstein didn’t kill himself.

I’m ready to debate the moon landing when you are.

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He says as if the two were remotely similar. If you do not wish to discuss this, nobody is twisting your arm.

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He was also employed by Bill Barr’s Dad and then later was the financial consultant to one of the arms trade middlemen in the Iran-Contra Affair.

There is plenty of fodder to build really great Conspiracy Theories around the guy but no one ever does.

Yes and considering Jet fuels A and A-1 open air burn temperatures are: 1,030 °C (1,890 °F)?

Everyone in that jail is broken. No one cares until Epstein. Now instead of fixing it people are fantasizing

Sure and now blurt.blog is where people read things and then repeat like its real.

Show me someone doesn’t believe we landed on the moon but thinks epstein killed himself. It just one step to the next on the way to the grand conspiracy where nothing is real and all the frogs are gay

Tell me about it. Really, go on.

I like this:


Uhh fuel burns hot?
What’s to tell?