Obvious pay off, Maxwell trial

And covid came from the wet market we know.

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Addendum: fire doesn’t have to melt steel beams. Unlike substantial timber beams (not stick construction) which char on the outside but will not quickly lose strength because the char protects the core of the timber a steal election, er, steel beam weakens substantially long before it would ever come close to melting.

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Don’t you also find it odd that the conspiracy theory never takes into account that the DOJ at the time was headed by Bill Barr?

Was Barr guarding him? Running that jail? Don’t forget, Trump was POTUS!

…and only 15 feet away but didn’t hear a thingy.

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…and how long was he there? How about everyone else?

Who else was in charge of the DOJ which was in charge of the Federal Prison where Epstein was being held?

Having a title of being in charge is very different than actually being in charge, knowing the chain of command along the way and being able to accurately inspect what you expect. Those that come and go are outside the circle of those that will remain as each new leader changes at the top.

The buck never ever ever stops anywhere near the people that are in charge of things.


…and you obviously have never been in charge to grasp the concept of what I just relayed to you.

As stated before… it is quite convenient that the person who was in charge of the very department that was tasked with Epstein’s incarceration never enters the conspiracy.

I find that quite amusing.

It is like every other lazy conspiracy theory… the answer is declared with a wink and any conflicting information is hand waved away.

Rather lazy thinking.

When spanked with a simple truth, a child lashes out. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

There is no “truth” when it comes to any of this.

Only conjecture. Only Conspiracy. Only guessing.

It is possible that Epstein did not kill himself. I personally think that he did kill himself. What is funny is that the people who were in power at the time and were in charge of the agencies that held him are never brought up as suspects in the grand conspiracy.

It is pretty funny.

Ludicrous to think that because someone heads the DOJ that they are or can be responsible for every prison murder. Outside the buck stops here sort of way. Look look, Bill Barr, we found some prison hooch under that guys bed, Bill Barr must have gave it to him.

Remember that like the month before Epstein’s death that Trump’s Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta, had to resign over his mishandling of Epstein’s sentencing agreement while working for the Bush Administration?

Yet… in the grand Conspiracy the people who were actually in power AND in control AND controlled the means AND had reason to cover things up are never talked about but hand waved away.

It is pretty funny.

I am not ruling anyone out. I want every name Maxwell has even if it includes Trump or any other Republican. This isn’t partisan.

Says the guy who started a thread that with a nod and a wink implicating Schumer in dangling an appointment for a judge in exchange for a desired outcome.

A thread that is based on nothing but conjecture.


I guess no one ever watched forge working of steel on Forged in Fire. Heated steel is no where as strong as cold steel.

And? By all accounts Epstein wasn’t running a partisan operation, he was compromising anyone with power that he could.

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It will cut.

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