Obama to give McCain eulogy. Trump not invited

why would anyone want Trump at their funeral?

are lying, cheating adulterers who trash a person’s military service in vogue now?

There comes a time to rise above petty politics and simply help those that you can. As a board member of hospice for many years, I wish McCain comfort and peace. May he be surrounded by those he loves and that love him.

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Well, I’ll say one thing - some Trump supporters have every bit as much class as Trump himself.

One of Trump’s worst moments was besmirching McCain’s service as a POW. McCain has more character and integrity in his pinky than Trump could ever hope to have.


Trump should run counter programming to his funeral. A rally or something like he did with the WHCD. He can get up and talk about all the ways McCain is a traitor.

The fringe, alive and well in the age of the pile of ■■■■ named trump.

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Wow. What a good little Hillary supporter.

That brain dead guy gave his freedom and his health for America.

I wonder what his critics have done for this nation that surpasses what McCain did.

If you are going to quote yourself like it belongs in Bartlett’s or something at lease try not to be a troll. You don’t want to look like a broadbrushing fool.

Hillary will be welcome at McCain’s funeral, unlike the piece of ■■■■ you support.

Lol I just saw that. Echoes of John Miller. :wink:

And I’m quite sure there would be a segment of the Deplorables that would applaud it.

Interesting thought there. I would guess both Bill and Hillary will be invited. Suck on that one, Donald.

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Maybe McCain wanted it out before he passed.

Huh. That’s an interesting point…usually his insults of McCain are viewed as a misstep, a mistake that would have sunk any other candidate…but I think you have a it right - it was a feature, not a bug.

It’s awful to think he insulted McCain to IMPROVE his chances…but his base loves vulgar, crude, disrespectful conduct.

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Feature, not bug

Just saw that the New York Times story reports McCain regrets picking Joe Lieberman for his veep candidate.

But turn into whiny snowflakes when they get criticized…see the Michelle Wolfe thread.

I respect McCain’s military service. His political service not so much. I voted 3rd party when he ran for President.

That being said I feel bad for him about the way he is dying. Hopefully it will be as pain free and peaceful as possible.

The real snowflakes melted down election night 2016. I still go back now and then and watch all the videos of crying left wing snowflakes. :rofl: