Obama to give McCain eulogy. Trump not invited

Still dwelling on that huh? You’ll get over it soon enough.

Makes the whiny outrage over that all the more ridiculous/disingenuous.

It’s really sad that you need to dwell on something that happened a year 1/2 ago when most of the rest of us have moved on.

Kind of like the scene in 6th Sense.

I don’t NEED it but I do really ENJOY it. :rofl:

Yeah when he leaves office in jan. 2025. :grin:

No you don’t. You are just reliving over and over again the last part of your life when you were happy politically. You need a new hobby.

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McCain was a big part of Bombing Libya for no reason too.

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It was the biggest meltdown in history followed by the biggest temper tantum in history. Exposed much about the left. :grin:

I suppose it’s no different than those who go back and watch the right wing meltdown of 2012, from Karl Rove’s “Turn those machines back on!” election night freak out to the weeks-long sackcloth and ashes performances of FOX pundits after Obama’s re-election.

No comparisan whatsoever. I saw no crying nor thousands of people in the streets wearing Vagina hats afterwards.

That had to be the stupidest protest in history. :laughing:

As I will enjoy the turnaround that will take place in the future. And it will. :rofl

Same song, different verse. Some day…some day…some day. :rofl:

I especially enjoyed Bill O’Reilly’s wailing about the loss of the white establishment majority and “It’s not a traditional America anymore.”

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Bill Who??? Forgotten already. He was too wishy washy to suit me. We have an all star prime time lineup with O’Reilly and Kelly gone!

I didn’t see even him physically crying such as some left stream commentators in 2016.

I remember that but I never go back and watch it. That’s just sad.

And then when Hannity and Coulter traded barbs with each other during their election postmortem? Good stuff.

It is a little odd, especially since they won.

Then again, this administration is such a ■■■■ storm cluster ■■■■ that it doesn’t surprise me some want to go back and relive happier times.

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Tomorrow, tomorrow…I luv ya…tomorrow…you’re only 7 years awaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Well criticism of his political positions is certainly fair game. No one is saying he is above all criticism, just attacks on his military service and devotion to his country.

Unfortunately a few losers have been saying nasty things about him personally since this story came out. Social media can really bring out the worst in people.