Obama to give McCain eulogy. Trump not invited

“He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”. -Orange pile of crud

That is hilarious bit of projecting seeing that it’s currently republicans doing everything they can to stop and silence an investigation they don’t agree with

It does let you see who edited it and when.

Only to others with the same ability (not that it matters)

maybe post more and read more posts.


Can we vote on who gets this level of trust? We don’t always agree but your posts are always informed and civil.

MODS…Give this Turk a trust level 3.

(yes…I still think you chose your forum name as the Turkish word for “man”. You are too opinionated on the Turkish issues to be just a dumb regular poster.)

Relax Suzanne.

The whole idea of this new forum was to create a community, to make its members coexist with the assumption that people can act like adults. Your assertion that all those meany libs are gonna sabotage your threads or move them and whatnot is simply unfounded.

As I explained before anyone caught abusing their privileges will be demoted and that in itself will be enough to dissuade most people from doing dumb things.

oh yeah… the whole change history. Like … you just deleted the “test 2” words.
And I see the earlier corrections too.

and how did you come by this knowledge and authority?

You have two or more accounts? Are you really the system admin?

Actually my middle name. Not going to tell you my first name. But I have been uncivil in the past before. Not proud of it. I lose it sometimes with WildRosre. But I appreciate it. I do have quite a few problems with Turkish policy.

What are you talking about?

see… this is what I mean. Even my long time friend and buddy, Drawz, is under the influence of Libs and seeks to delegitimize my post with a dismissive “what are you talking about?”

It’s ok buddy. I still love ya. You will break free from those libs someday, my little pumpkin.

No, I meant that literally, you claimed that libs here will do anything to silence the opposition and I don’t know how they’d do that here so I’m asking for you to explain.

libs will do anything to silence the opposition through delegitimization and devious mischief.

That is my assertion.

Or maybe or ideas and morals are superior to yours? Do you think you are on the right side of history on any topic?


If it’s so obvious that those who think like me are wrong… allow the open dialog and let people decide for themselves instead of shutting it down like libs do in places like Berkeley… and virtually every lib-controlled forum in the country.

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Trump is a punk ass who dodged the draft because he was afraid and felt no compulsion to serve his country. He only does it today for egotistical and personal financial reasons. One would question the Trumps concept of servitude as well. Did I mention California is the World’s fifth largest economy? Thank you Jerry Moonbeam Brown!

The funeral crowd size was yuuuge when i spoke…yuuge! -The orange idiot.

Did you serve?

"The audience had never heard a eulogy as powerful. All the other eulogies were pathetic. SAD!

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Now there’s an interesting post.

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