Obama to give McCain eulogy. Trump not invited

Hard to blame McCain. I wouldn’t invite Donald to help clean out a septic tank - it would demean the entire affair.


I really do appreciate that Ishmael. Don’t have to deal with “Dumb libs can’t spell.”. Just have to deal with “Dumb libs are generally stupid when it comes to political matters.”

did you want me to fix some spelling or something before the mods take away my power? Spelling looks correct. Also… I see a “2” now so someone else apparently has this :blush:power.

I’m good. Anyone else?

Hmm I can edit titles as well for some reason.

Can u fixed individual posted as weel?

if you are asking if I can edit other posts… no.

Free for all! Titles are whatever we want them to be! For the record I would never abuse that power.

Yeah that’s was what I was wondering. If you had full mod powers

can you edit the title?

Not for everyone. I’m guessing the posters that asked to be transferred from the old forum have additional privileges.

Opened up a fresh account here and I can still do it. Not sure if my account from the old forum got merged or something without me knowing.

no. and I’ve notified all the mods of this anomaly.

I have no idea if this just started or if its always been that way.

I’m on my phone so it’s harder for me to do ■■■■. On my actual computer I might. I’ve come across that in the past. But no I can’t seem to edit the title. You guys have godlike powers.

I’m on my android phone too.

It’s not an anomaly. All Regular trust level members have the ability to edit thread titles and reclassify the threads themselves. The idea is to take some work load off the regular mods to fix these little things that come up and only deal with violations of the tos. But you can be sure if you abuse the privilege you’ll be demoted.

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Ahh makes sense.

what a kumbaya forum!
109 trust level 3 people can change titles and recatagorize threads !

in a contentious and often downright mean forum where libs will do anything to silence the opposition.

who picked this forum software?
There are some nice features but it is meant for a friendly family.

I feel slightly insulted. I kid.

I dont think Adam gets the board yet…chill lady