Obama’s Super Fake Birth Certificate ten years later: The Aftermath

Have fun in here guys and gals.

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This whole rigged election thing is the new ‘Obama birth certificate’ and is never going away.


That too could have been put to bed early on but Obama never showed his birth certificate until years into it. Now…why is that?

He produced a birth certificate during the 2008 election.

Get ready to go down the rabbit hole of “that wasn’t the REAL birth certificate.”


Why do it to early, let the nutjobs play out the rope they would hang themselves with.

He released it in June 2008 and made the conspiracy theorists look like idiots.



No, he produced a pdf.


The Deep State is powerful, but all is well.

Trust the Plan.

The black helicopter lizard people win again.

This week the states’ votes that give Biden 270 will be certified.

Enjoy your last week of actually believing your fever dreams will become a reality.

Then you can switch to your fever dreams that the election was illegitimate and the Deep State Courts were against Trump when he could have proved it.

The Narrative for you to switch over to offense is already being drafted before your very eyes.

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And the State of Hawaii backed him up.

That is good enough for everyone else in the world. Why was it not good enough for Obama?

I’m going with Inception.

The CEC is very good at it.


Sheople indeed


Why would you automatically make that assumption?

When its all thst you got you go with it. Even if it’s blatantly false

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Its like the balding guy with the 4 strands of hair still used as part of the comb over.

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There’s something different that I can’t quite put my finger on


Just the facts, he produced no birth certificate, he produced a PDF and put it on the internet.

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They aren’t going for the actual win anymore (unless as I said our court system is even more corrupt than I imagined).

They’re going for the narrative they will use from now until 2024.

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Which would of been perfectly acceptable for any other presidental candidate