Obama administration that never was

It seems to me as each passing day it’s becoming clear that Obama administration that never was.

The pinnacle of lib utopian, their progressive authoritarianism is being dismantled each passing day. And in time our last decade under Obama will vanish from history itself while leaving libs wondering in the wilderness wondering what the hell just happen.

Just have to finish cleaning up the corrupted mess that he left behind polluting our goverment and when Obamacare takes it last breath it will be over.

And that makes me happy.


Of course you realize that everything Trump is doing can be undone by the next Democrat president in the exact same way, sort of like flipping a switch.


Is this what you’re going to do once you take power back? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Damn I need my edit function back.

Love the forum but I need to edit my screw ups.

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I’m not going to do any of that. I’m not a politician. As for the Democrat party, yeah I’m sure some taxes will be raised. Hell even in the Republican state of Kansas we are about to get a nice big ole tax hike thanks to our former governor running the state into the ground by making over half the businesses in the state pay no taxes for years.

Yeah new regulations will most likely be passed, most notably to address all the issues that continual deregulation will eventually cause, I read recently Ryan wants to gut Dodd-Franks because apparently we didn’t learn our lesson the last time around about that. Can anyone say “Too Big To Fail”.

As for forcing people to buy a product. We’ve been doing the country has been doing that from day one. As for tearing down the wall that won’t be built well that is sort of an inconsequential point since walls keep people in not really the other way around.

At least we can agree on that.


Well he hasn’t undone the great stock and unemployment trends that Obama amazingly helped usher in after the economic collapse. He hasn’t reanimated Bin Laden. Gay couples can still get married and serve in the military. The American auto industry is still saved. Fair sentencing act is intact and the homeless vet population is still cut in half.

I guess there is still time though. Not sure where he’ll find it between golf, Twitter, and subpoenas…


Man, Obama is really living rent-free in your and Donald’s heads, huh?


If only Trump could undue the successful go ahead Obama gave SEAL Team Six to find and kill Bin Laden?!?

This is trump huggers nightmare that will never go away.


I wonder if Conan will applaud President Obama (Conan’s president) for successfully ordering the raid to get bin laden? Lol

Are you three posters claiming only Obama would have orders Bin Laden raid?

I would argue that with each passing day Trump is validating how successful Obama’s administration really was. I really think that when Trumps presidency ends, Obama will be looked on more favorably than ever.

In terms of Trump trying to erase Obama’s legacy. I wish him luck. If only he would replace Obama’s work with something better. Which he isn’t.


Are you claiming that Trump has any idea what he’s doing when making these decisions (ie. Iran)?

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Really just shows the pettiness of Trump.

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Will you give obama credit for successfully ordering the raid on Bon laden as well as giving go ahead to take out Somali Pirates?

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Sure as a commander in chief.

Sounds like libs are desperate to hold onto anything about his administration.

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Umm, Reagan conservative here! Unlike you Conan I can give credit where credit is due and criticize an administration when warranted!


I’m I missing something or are you being totally obtuse?

The only desperation in this thread comes from the OP.