Obama administration that never was

Sounds to me that the OP can’t forget Obama.

I believe that when a person becomes POTUS they learn the details on issues that they were possibly not privy to during the campaign. And as we have seen in the past, this will influence their decisions going forward.
I think that we are seeing a president who gives more weight to fulling his campaign promises and doing his best to wipe out Obama policies without proper consideration.
For example look at what Scott Pruitt is doing at the EPA. It is already documented that he is removing regulations without going through what is considered proper scientific research. Just note what he did in Oklahoma with the fracking regulations. He removed the majority of them and now as a result the state is experiencing record setting earthquakes which is causing much property damage.
Every new administration is going to make changes to certain things that the previous administration has done. But to have a president who’s only motivation is only based on trying to wipe out any trace of his predecessor is foolish. And to his supporters that relish in the belief that it is all good because it pisses off the other side are as foolish as Mr. Trump.

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I love this OP.

Obama did an out standing job destroying the Democratic Party!

Obama’s a traitor for his attempted coup!

I was not successful!

The Doctor that helped find him, Obama left him in a Pakistan prison!

Nope, Obama abandoned the Doctor that found him.

“Obama will be looked on more favorably then ever.”

That will be difficult for the fake news to do when Obama is facing treason charges for his attempted coup.

It seems libs beloved Messiah legacy is vanishing from history…granted hos followers are more radical then ever.

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Yeah, and the difference is like darkness and sunlight.

We will forever remember Obama and his acts of treason!

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It’s not foolish when you consider what Obama had done, spygate, IRSgate, Benghazigate, Servergate, fisagate, Uranium onegate, Fast and Furious gate. And to think most of these investigations are not over.:rofl:

Obama sucked :black_medium_square::black_medium_square::black_medium_square:!

How do you know that most of these investigations are not over?

Personally I call Obama’s reign “the lost years” and luckily he governed so shabbily and carelessly that much of what he did was able to be dismantled easily which is the primary reason the economy was unleashed almost immediately after his choking regulations were removed by President Trump. It really was as simple as an “on/off” switch!

This is another reason leftist progressive Dems are in such a demented rage about losing the 2016 Presidential Election because they thought they had smooth sailing to be the ruling socialist Party in the country.

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I watch real news that doesn’t push Russian collusion lies!

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It’s almost like Obama new his regulations were hurting the American people.

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And what news sources would those be?

And what regulations would those be? Can you name the specific ones and the scientific research that was done to determine that they were harmful and should be repealed?
Are you aware that the auto industry leaders recently asked Trump not to remove certain regulations because it would cost them millions of dollars? Do you realize that when Tom Price was AG of Oklahoma
he repealed many regulations regarding fracking and there has been a over 300% increase in earthquakes because of the fracking that was a result and how much property damage it has caused? Do you realize that the repeal of many of the Obama regulations is now costing the taxpayer a hell of a lot more then before Trump started gutting them? I could go on.

What a load. The economy continued on the same pace when Trump came on board.


Everything bad that happened on Obama’s watch was Bush’s fault and everything good on Trump’s watch can be attributed to Obama.

What a crazy bizarro world LIBs live in.

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