Now it's time to finish the job Mr President


Never was one either…they all knew it.


Show me.


And yet in April 2016 they started investigating Clinton email/server. By July 6th they finished with with investigation…but started writing her exoneration back in May.

Now I’m not advocating going after her…what’s done is done. But I want those that responsible fr this two tier justice system, abuse of our intel and other goverment agencies brought to justice.


The unredacted FISA warrant applications? :rofl:


No. Show me proof of your assertion that “every Republican member of Congress that has actually seen the fully unredacted FISA warrant applications and subsequent renewals, immediately dropped the declarations of something nefarious residing in them afterwards.


Why bother? It is not like you ever provide links to your claims here when asked. And besides, you’re clearly living in an alternative reality where facts don’t matter. But see Trey Gowdy if you really are interested in the truth.


I refuse to provide links to material that is readily available in virtually all of the news cycles. A request for what is readily available demonstrates that the requestor is simply toying with me.

You made a claim about “every” Republican member of congress. Simply pointing me to Gowdy doesn’t address everyone by any stretch. It addresses just Gowdy. And to that point, Gowdy only spoke of the FISA application in terms of Mueller’s investigation. He didn’t address whether or not there were abuses.


You’re right. It is another in the long-line of conspiracies that need to be uncovered. Along with the career Prosecutors in SDNY and the Federal Judge conspiring against Trump. It’s all a part of the DEEEEEEEEEEP STATE!!! Ooga Booga Booga!!!


Libs like links to CNN…the ones that’s been openly lying to em for last 2 and half years.

They view it as liable source. :wink:


What your asking is readily available in virtually all the news cycles.

The other poster was more specific than saying “every” Republican.


Its actually not available because it simply isn’t true. And to my responses to Nebraska, you might want to review all of them before stepping into something that you haven’t fully reviewed.

In any case, we are done.


I believe there is but a single tier of corruption throughout the federal government. Clinton was simply a beneficiary of that corruption.

Trump was an anomaly who dared challenge that cesspool of corruption and he had to be brought down at all cost.


Blockquote “He is a guy, even before the campaign — this is not Trump related — who went around bragging about his connections in Russia,” Rubio said of Page. “They [the FBI] knew who he was before the campaign. Then you see the guy gravitating around a leading campaign, and then other things came up on the screen, and said, ‘we’ve got to look at this guy.’ That’s what the FISA application lays out.”

Rubio didn’t have a problem with the Carter Page FISA application. I post this knowing full well that no one cares.


History has a way of repeating it’s self. Look at what happened to republicans when they would not stop investigating Bill Clinton.


Find any evidence of this. I’ll look forward to your link.


Look at what happened to Hillary Clinton when Republicans wouldn’t stop investigating her.

I’m not saying it always works. Sometimes it does. Just depends.


Lol that cartoon is hilarious and so funny that some cons think something like that is going to happen.


He addressed it. Mueller did not conclude one way or another, simply gave evidence for both sides of the argument. Barr decided not to prosecute. That doesn’t stop those findings from being used for prosecution or further investigation, namely by the House Judiciary Committee.


You need to keep yourself better informed with all the testimonies from Obama’s Deepstate!


I didn’t know attempted coups were hilarious, I doubt Obama’s Deepstate feels the same way with President Trump exonerated.