Now it's time to finish the job Mr President


Those that are responsible for FISA abuse, unmasking and spying, lying to courts, congress and justice department needs to be brought to justice if they’re ever to gain any credibility in the future.

Otherwise they will pick up where they left off after you’re gone.

Finish the job.


So you want to start an actual witch hunt. Great to know. I’m sure that will be great for morale at the DoJ, FBI, etc. After all, they have only had to deal with Trump attacking them for the last two years straight.

Perhaps you can start a series of hearings in the Senate. Ask people to come in and swear fealty to the President or something.


Its hilarious


Yeah, I’m sure he’ll get right on that.

Right after he sends his healthcare plan over to Congress.

And gets that check from Mexico.



Deeeeep state


Those responsible for NOT LOVING THE PRESIDENT must be punished.


I’ll bet those ungrateful jerks aren’t even facing Trump Tower and praying 5 times a day.


Mueller might be finished but there are still investigations open in regards to the Trump Organization, money laundering, RICO crimes, etc.

Oh and Barr’s letter DOES NOT exonerate trump.


Do you think the democrats should keep going down the legal road with Trump or concentrate on 2020? No pun intended, before we know it the democratic debates will be going on.


Yeah. Collusion in the context of the election may be more or less off the table. Obstruction of justice is not. Neither are a whole host of other potential investigations.

If people are thinking this is the end, I have bad news.


They need to focus on the midwest. Attacking trump legal problems is good for TV but not for winning elections.


That’s a good question. It looks like some members like Adam Schiff are wanting to double down. It will be interesting to see which direction this will go.


At this point his term is more than half over. He has few objective “wins” and signs point to a sagging economy. If his platform for re-election is the outcome of a special investigation he will lose. If he and his handlers were smart they’d put this behind them ASAP but I agree the spin and unsubstantiated gloating will ride through the 2020 campaigns.


Over two years in office and “they” are still there and will still be there after Trump is gone? Sounds like gross incompetence to me.


Apparently Trump forgot he was suppose to drain the swamp.


Trump has given the Democrats all the ammunition they need for the election. The border wall, North Korea, soaring deficit, stale economy and an encylopedia of foot-in-mouth tweets and quotes. If the Democrats lose in 2020 it will be due to incompetence, not the outcome of investigations.


That would be very bad mistale for dems


Exactly. They need to accept the findings and move on.


I agree. If there is something criminal and substantive to pursue, fine. Casting nets and hoping to catch something is not.


He can’t contain himself. He has no self-control and has divided this nation is the worse way.