Now it's time to finish the job Mr President


Finish the wha?

Yeah good luck with that…


So is the deep state cool now?


Buckle up Americans, we no longer just investigate crimes, we investigate people.


How come the left hate Mueller now?


I want this too. Anyone who misrepresented the complete truth before a fisa judge should be imprisoned for 5 years and loss of job. If their was some teeth to violating citizens rights people would stop doing it.


I’ll state it this way… Those lying to federal judges to get permission to spy on political advesarys must be punished… See were really close in agreement.


The left hate Mueller?

Thats about as stupid as the right hating Mueller


Stop it. I can hear the collective heads of all the SJW’s heads exploding.


If they lied there should be consequences, but that should be easily proved by competent people.


Trump can’t finish anything. He’s a coward who only knows how to tweet tough.


Yes because soaring deficits and keeping NK in check has always been a major concern of the Democratic Party.


Democrats will vote for the Democrat candidate. Republicans will vote for Trump. It’s the independent/swing voter that both sides fight for. You better believe those voters care about the deficit and North Korea.

Care to look at the rhetoric Trump used during his campaign on those topics that flew out the window once elected? Do you think a swing voter may not be as willing to vote for someone who didn’t follow through on campaign promises?


Well I guess will have to wait and hear from any of the top tier democrats running in 2020 on the topics of deficit and NK.

As of now I am not hearing anything but talks of increasing spending and taxes with a dash of identity politics from this lot. Then Senator Obama while running sounded like a fiscal conservative compared to the people running for 2020. The party has shifted way to the left of then 2007 Obama. But if Trump doesn’t win I hope it’s to the deficit cutting democrat you speak of for the countries sake.


That’s up to the AG, Horrowitz, and the FISA courts themselves.


I don’t usually make up silly names but I kinda like:



Cons are drooling for their own political motivated witch hunt now. Like everything else, they will one up the dems on hypocrisy. Add it to the list. Hey, whatever keeps them ignoring $1trillion deficits.


I’d like to hear from the FISA judges and what their take on all of this is?


It’s the Midwest votors that got conned that changed the election. I wonder, after all the lies Trump told to them about their industries, if they’ll desert him (as they struggle and watch him give himself a massive of tax decrease).


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It’s adorable