Now it's time to finish the job Mr President


You can always tell how seriously to take someone online by if they unironically use “SJW” as a pejorative.


Dont they already explain why they issue the warrants when the warrants are issued?


Seriously, always?


lol - The loony conspiracy theories about our institutions will continue I see.


…based on truthful data. supplied by trusted agents. If that has been proven to be untrustworthy, I’d like to hear from the judges and their take on this. Maybe they trust the info? If so, I’d like to hear that.


Why is it exactly that every Republican member of Congress that has actually seen the fully unredacted FISA warrant applications and subsequent renewals, immediately drop the declarations of something nefarious residing in them afterwards? Coincidence? Or, is it possible that this conspiracy theory is not housed in any fact or reality? Do you know what Occam’s Razor is?


Actually it is. Barr’s letter specifically addresses obstruction.


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Conned? Like this?


Yet in Trump’s first two years, manufacturing jobs have grown at a 714% faster rate than under Obama’s last two years.

A big reason for the sluggish manufacturing job growth of previous years was the burdensome regulatory climate under Obama. This is partly reflected in the jobs numbers as well when, during Obama’s last two years, government added six times the employees of manufacturing. But under Trump, five times more manufacturing jobs were added than government jobs.


Yeah, you should haul them in for secret military trials. No lawyer. Only confessions. /s


Wow! You got a lot of likes from your LIberals for saying this.

I wonder when Obama and the Liberals stacked the FBI with corruption at the top,
what that did for their Morale over there? Do you think that the rest of the people working there, were proud or something? lol.


Do you think swing voters might not want to vote for a party that can’t give up what more and more people are viewing as a partisan witch hunt.
How do you think it’s going to look to them if the left continues with investigating Trump after they got their special prosecutor and he found nothing?
How is it going to look to them when the democrats said this in not about Hillary losing the election this is about the Russians influencing our election. And the special prosecutor came out and said Trump and his team did not work with the Russians. In fact no American citizen worked with the Russians. And the left still want’s to investigate some more and not except the findings of a man that was held up as being above partisan politics.
Me, I think it’s going to send them right and not left so keep up the witch hunt. I think people that are truly in the middle are going to view the left as vindictive and not willing to work for what is best for everyone in the country.


Libs would want us to believe it taken 2 and half years of FBI investigation and special counsel to determine that Russian collusion was a hoax?

They must believe FBI are really incompetent.


No. I don’t think it is high on the list of what’s important to swing voters


I fully accept Mueller’s findings and expect my representatives to do the same after getting a chance to read them for themselves. And if they continue to pursue the collusion matter I will be extremely disappointed. The financial issues however are unrelated and where oversight is legitimately needed


Will it be anything like 8 Benghazi investigations?


I bet Manafort, Stone and Cohen wishes the FBI was incompetent.


Yes, doing a thorough job on an investigation is, of course, a sign of incompetence. I always tell my employees they should rush through their work and not worry about accuracy. Accuracy is such an outdated concept.

Oh, and I heard nothing in Barr’s summary about any “hoax.”


I’m still waiting on that collusion your kin been talking about.

Are libs going to say FBI and Mueller team after 2 and half years are so incompetent that they couldn’t find what you all lib know?

Either way it’s time for Trump to finish the job.



There was no collusion.