Now it's time to finish the job Mr President


Those who participated in the attempted coup to include journalist need to be punished.


I agree wholeheartedly with this approach. It is far too difficult for the DoJ to determine where a presidents authority ends and obstruction begins. That should be up to Congress.


It exonerates him from the Russian collusion lie created by Hillary and Obama’s Deepstate in their attempted coup.


You apparently missed the Page, Strzok and McCabe testamonies!!! They are bug toast!


“Attempted coup” lol - ya totally. Strange that the deeeeep state just reported that trump didnt collude. What a coup!


It should be obvious with Obama weaponizing the Intelligence community in their attempted coup.


Most of the Deepstate was fired, no leaks should of been your first clue.


Reality are those testimonies you’re ignoring.


Not going to happen, they are quite secretive by nature.


You make it sound like the Democrats and tv are working together with this coup attempt.


Are you seriously unaware of their testimonies?


12 of them have already been fired or demoted over this and The Horrowitz Report isn’t even due to be released for another 30-60 days. Let’s see what criminal referrals come from it.


Can’t help you if you can’t help your self!


No it doesn’t. Did you actually read the letter? Page 3, last sentence of the first paragraph. Let me quote:

"The Special Counsel states that “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

Besides, Mueller findings not related to Russia was sent to other agencies for them to investigate. This is FAR from being over.


Sure it does.


Last I checked it was over 25 if you count “retirements”.


Correct, Barr had to finish the job he couldn’t.


What does that tell you?


How many of them were politically motivated firings? How many were actually for breaking protocol in a manner that attacked the Clinton’s?

I think your number is likely substantially off when you actually attribute what “for this” is referring to.


There’s no evidence any of them were politically motivated, they were the result of Horrowitz investigations and the OPB reviews of same.

Everyone involved in the process is a career professional, not political appointees.