Now BLM/antifa are burning bibles

Book burning has started. Now onto public libraries and burn whatever they deem unacceptable.



So was biology (misused). If you’re going to be consistent…

It will be interesting to see the reaction to it if it continues.

God is a woman.

It was only a matter of time.


Without further information, I suspect that ties in with their reasoning. Kinda like when people burn the flag.

I have no doubt it does. It ties in perfectly.

Ah…justifying book burning now.

That’s nonsensical.

If forum libs are any indication they will only justify it.


That article was written by a modern day pharisee. There’s no gentle way to say it.

The media will never admit this: not all of those who came to protest the removal of Confederate Monuments are white supremacist, and some who came to stop the protest are, themselves, racist.

He opens a discerning eye into a crowd that gathered around a degenerate idol to explain, soften, and parse their purpose for coming to an advertised white supremacy rally. But he sees the “true colors” of BLM in this inconsequential event.



Yep and yet…this decision was absence of love. One wonders how they could justify using the Bible to justify slavery?

Yep. Put a lit match within two feet a Koran and hate crime charges will come promptly.


No. What I am saying is, don’t speak for me. Ask if you don’t understand.


I don’t think that’s what @FloridaYankee is doing. It could have been explained a bit.

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Only if they have the leisure to throw away a whole movement based on this event. Are bibles in Portland more important than everything else that BLM is involved with? I wouldn’t bet on that.