New York Times Retooling 🤣

They know their audience. They gotta sell papers.

Audience? Victims.

Do you think they’ll get better or just hide it better?

I think they’ll continue what they’re doing. They have a responsibility to get the outcome by any means necessary.

Integrity is a small price to pay for saving the world.

Ya they are an activist news agency but everyone knows this anyway and pretends otherwise.

I hope they do it quickly, this Whirr! CLICK! noise the vanguard is making while waiting for their new programming is annoying.

They need rich right wing donors like Breitbart has to keep them afloat.

Breitbart and Fox does good because they have little right wing/conservative competition. Could you imagine trying to start a left wing news org the competition is fierce.

Actually Breitbart’s readership has plummeted since Trump’s inauguration.

New York Times

The current “1619 Project” that the Times is doing, to mark 400 years ago this month when slaves were first brought to the colonies.

It is quite good.


Prepping the battle space.

Do they tell you that the Republicans are the party of Lincoln? Hmm?

this op was about as “reflective” as i’ve ever seen

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The NYT “tools” are retooling!


This is down to pitiful Austin Powers type humour.

That is pathetic.



The NYTimes using their influence to sway opinions, therefore votes, and having to adjust their reporting to avoid the appearance of bias in the world is political.


Yeah turns out advertisers weren’t super keen on being associated with the “platform for the alt right.”

Actually, most of the big white nationalist types have gotten whacked in the last couple years. Bannon went from being shadow chief of staff for the president to stumping for neo Nazis in Eastern Europe. Milo has been reduced to a webcam show from his basement. Richard Spencer can barely get a speaking engagement.

Totally not a Trump supporter though!


So wait the leadership is trying to prevent a pure proganda generator and actually demoted staff for it and is trying not to be reactive to twitter but the true story is that they are a propaganda generator

Yeah the staff is reactionary. Yes the staff is pushing stories that are clearly biased but i read this transcript as showing a conflict between independence and bias rather than all the bias that’s fit to print