New Forum is a Welcome Surprise


Cool, I think it works.


It really does!


Agreed, it took me some time to figure it out and going into the editor so you can quote seems like an extra step but we will get used to it.


Testing 123


infinite quoting…yes!


I haven’t tried it on pc yet. I’ll get on some time today and see if I can offer some feedback/workarounds to assist you in attempt to make this a more pleasurable experience for all the pc users out there.


Thanks. Easier than I expected.


Let’s all use the Quoting feature (if we need to quote) for awhile so it’s easier for people to transition. The hidden quotes will fool people.


new ads here. Anyone else getting a lot of “moms get naughty… date single moms” ads? I mean… I don’t even go to porn sites.


"Let’s all … "


Same here…but it’s free so I can’t complain.
The old board was nicer, more fun and fancy looking…Why the change?


Why the change? […if I may ask…].
I like the old one better.


I think it was an old technology and buggy. Kinda like using WinXP in 2018.


Is this Who?


Who knows.


I’m confused. Which if this is my friend Who, you know it doesn’t take much for that to be the case. :man_facepalming:


How would Who know that Hoo is Who if Who hasn’t registered yet and Hoo is actually someone different.

(Yes that did make sense in my head.) :crazy_face:



I’m not your friend, “Who”.

If I were, don’t you think I would have a forum name spelled “Who”?

Just sit down and enjoy the forum. There is no malicious attempt on my part to hide my identity. I am not posting with some different personality. It’s a new anonymous forum and I changed my name from the old anonymous forum! :slight_smile:


If you asked Who if Hoo is Who, Who would say “who?”, which would indicate that Who is not Hoo since Who would not even know who Hoo is.


You seem to have read quite a bit more into my post than what was there. Mine was a simple question, as there are some old forumites who have opted to go with a new name here. I was curious if that was the case. Clearly not in this instance. A simple, no, I’m not the poster Who from the old forum would have been quite sufficient.