New Forum is a Welcome Surprise


As far as dating goes, I’m only getting the “naughty single moms” ads.

I thought it strange that there were “Persian rug” ads too… well … what appears to be Islamic prayer rugs from the Mideast.

But a plethora of “single mom” ads… which is strange, given my somewhat boring recent browsing habits… pocketknives, random facts of history, spelling and definition checks, search for natural gas generators, and fact checks on adverse interactions between stool softeners and laxatives.


Chat box please


:wink: :):eyes:they are there


Lol sure you don’t.


there. now you can rest easy. It’s CMI.


It appears to me that this new site is taking me precisely to where I left off reading in each thread. If that’s the case then this is the cat’s meow.


He’s a stinking lib! Argh!


Yeah, pretty nice.


The more I use this site the more I prefer it over the old forum.


I could get used to this. There are some benefits and some changes that are pretty abrupt.

I’m not a big fan of gameification. I guess it has value. But I unlocked the “Editor” badge for editing one of my posts. I feel like it’s rewarding me for being a crappy writer. I will probably get lots of badges if that’s the case.


Oh. You didn’t need to do that. But fair enough. Welcome to the new horizon. :smiley:


oh wow, we found the one guy in the internet who does not go to porn sites…amazing! :stuck_out_tongue:


Diogenes can stop searching.


the old site and my phone browser were not good friends.

This is better in some important ways.


We have found a rare point of agreement. :wink:


both like scotch too. remember.


Ah…yes, you are quite right. I stand corrected.


Mmm Lagavulin.


I’ve never goggled single moms… So there’s that.


Google woman bikinis. At least it gives you something to look at. :wink: