New Forum is a Welcome Surprise


Pretty sure my wife wouldn’t be impressed if I did that.


Very un-Christian like. :slight_smile:


I can identify with that.


the old forum is collapsing…it reminds me of that scene in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”…or that other scene in “Inception”…


Thanks to the admins for making me a regular


No problem. Folks can post here if they’d like to be up’d to regular status and get away from post restrictions. I’ve up’d most of the ones I recognize so far. Kind of a tedious process, but we’ll manage. Posting here to let us know would in a way help out, but let us know who you are if you’ve changed your name.




Quiet you!!!


What is this weird 10 char post length requirement?


It was 20. I think it’s to promote more intellegent discussion


We need some moving Emojis, these static ones ain’t cutting it. :expressionless:


I second this idea. Not sure if Discourse is set up for such capabilities though.


No. Be quiet.


I’m starting to get the hang of it.


I hate the symbols … I have no idea what most of them mean.


thats what she said


Also need quoted links to show as their original content in replies, instead of just the URL.


Are you talking about like the chevron icon that takes you to the original post on the old site? I think it’s there, just click the up arrow to the right of the post.


If I post this gif:

And then you reply and quote it, it no longer shows up as the original content. Try it out by replying to this message


Ah, gotcha. I’ve noticed that.