Nationalism, Populism, Nationalizing and Socialism

History is replete with case after case of nationalizing industries to appease the masses by both populists and socialists (what’s the difference at the end of the day).

Some examples:

English government buying 51% of APOC in 1914
Mosaddegh nationalizing AIOC in 1954
The Agrarian Reform Law in Cuba (1959) and complete nationalization following
Allende’s land “reform” in Chile
Chavez and PDVSA

Here in the US, there are movements and movement on such industries as healthcare and energy, among others.

Nationalizing industries is an indicator of both extreme nationalism and socialism.

Then there is Regulatory Socialism.

Slippery slope arguments are not logical fallacies when it comes to central governments; the slopes are practically inevitable.

The root of “govern” is from the Greek to steer. From the Latin gubernare, to rule. It is “to control”. Governments do not relinquish control; they gather it.

Aside from healthcare, energy and oh yeah the arms industry, what other industries should be nationalized in the US?

And then there is the globalization aspect, the logical extension of nationalism.

If it is nationalized, it is both, is it not?

What are you talking about. When an industry is nationalized the profits always go to the central government.

What’s being pointed out is that the slippery slope happens whether “government” is involved or not.

When done right the profits go to the people. Same reasons Alaskans get a check every year. And the norwegians and others.

Ah, then you missed the point about the slope. The point is it is an ink spot.

Is Medicare nationalizing healthcare? If it’s extended to cover everyone, is that nationalizing healthcare?

No I got it …thanks.

Nationalized - why am I not receiving an Alaskan check?

Then his point is…

I think you’re smarter then that and understand what I’m talking about

I don’t know, is it?

The smallest check was 350$ or about last year from oil profits, the largest over 2000$, under Palin another one time check was cut for 1200$ to every Alaskan. Is this socialism?

Not to me…

Another interesting fact. Every Norwegian is a millionaire from their socialism

Sneaky doesn’t have to even go that far…

His property taxes are low because of the permanent school fund in Texas and his districts stealing part of my property taxes to prop up his school district…

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In addition, the company that operates the oil business, is a for profit business, and has done quite well.

Now you’re picking nits based on scale.

He doesn’t believe it’s “his” school district is my guess.

Your example a good one?