Name the Date That Co-vid History Rewriters Wanted the Shutdown To Take Place?

I’ve seen biden and company out lying multiple times now about him “calling for the shutdown a week, or a month earlier” and it would have saved lives. It’s a flat out lie, but let’s entertain the idea that biden or others were publicly calling for this. What date should it have happened??

But first, a timeline. And keep in mind that “Trump is an authoritarian, and Trump wants to be a dictator.”

Jan. 31 - china travel ban (labeled as “xenophobic”)
Feb. 5 - Trump’s impeachment acquittal
Feb. 16 - (One month earlier) Primary contests have started and 8 dimocrat candidates remain
Feb. 29-Mar. 2 - steyer, klobuchar and buttigeig drop out
Mar. 3 - Super Tuesday (biden takes lead)
Mar. 4 - bloomberg drops out
Mar. 5 - warren drops out
Mar. 10 - Mini-Super Tuesday (biden still doing live campaign events, takes controlling lead)
Mar. 12 - Euro travel ban
Mar. 13 - National Emergency declared (Trump Oval Office Address)
Mar. 16 - Stay at home orders recommended

So once again, primaries in progress and “Trump’s an authoritarian dictator”. Name a date.

And for the record, I’ve mostly stayed out of the partisan blame game regarding Coronavirus. I blame the chinese, and every other person and country should as well.

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Who recommended stay at home orders on 3/16?


Trump handled the virus incorrectly.
everybody else handled it better.
anyone else would have done better.

I have reviewed all the plans.
everyone’s recipe.
They were all better than Trump


Correct on all points

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So none of you can name a date and it’s clear biden is lying about calling for a shutdown a month earlier.

I’d like some actual discussion on this, but it appears no one can honestly address it.


If he’s lying it’s cool to sweep it under the rug these days.

If Biden did call for a shut down back in Feb, then his quote ought to be easy to find.

Biden wasn’t president back in February. We were stuck watching The Donald lie that it was 15 down to zero and it would go away in April and it was almost about to go away.

Well You missed a very impotant date.
1/27/2020 - Joe Biden published a op-ed that said Trump was not taking this serious enough, That we needed to take more action and quickly or the pandamic would hit the US hard.
He said Trump could do so much more now, but he just continues to dismiss it.

So when Trump says “No one saw this coming” hes lying. Joe Biden saw the need for more action on Jan 27th and went on record about it.


What a bunch of horse ■■■■■

Show your work.

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Was there anything preventing Biden from stating his opinion?

Biden Did call for a Nation Wide Shut down on March 27th.

Trump continued to reject the call days later

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He did. Jan 27th, He posted a Op-Ed saying that it should not be dismissed, it needs to be taken serious, the worse is coming, and we needed action. We needed Trump to stop downplaying it.

That is how an adult president would have handled this outbreak starting in JANUARY.

Instead we had The Donald dithering, golfing, tweeting, and lying.


BTW -Other important dates
Oct 2019
Biden recognized the action Trump has taken set up the US to fail at handling a future Pandemic. Months ahead of time.

Also -While Trump was tweeting that the chinese have handled the virus really well and giving thanks to the chinese leader, On Feb 26th. Biden at a CNN town hall Biden said
“The last point I’d make, and I know I’m going to get a lot of questions, is that what we did – what I would do were I president now, I would not be taking China’s word for it. I would insist that China allow our scientists in to make a hard determination of how it started, where it’s from, how far along it is. Because that is not happening now.”

Great Thread. Really shows how a True leader could identifiy the potential risks months ahead, quickly grasp and see when that risk and threat was coming true, look ahead to ways to battle it, and be able to tell Truth vs Fiction, reality vs desire. Could not think of a better case for Biden over Trump then compare Bidens foresight, his ability to review data to see what is coming, his strong push for action to help, vs Trumps inability to understand consequences of his action, easily falling for lies from china, and his refusal to take a threat serious.


Great post.

Another example in the massive line of examples of why Trump Must Go!


100% accurate! Well said!!!


"Minnesota-based company 3M has doubled its production of coronavirus-protecting N95 respirator masks over the last two months – to a rate of more than 1.1 billion a year, or almost 100 million a month, according to a report."That means they started around January 20, a full eleven days before Trump put travel restrictions on China.Why would 3M double its mask production out of the blue?Because it WASN’T out of the blue.Trump asked them to.Even after @realDonaldTrump’s campaign and first term, the press STILL CAN’T SEE that he does almost everything under the radar. (Source: A Thread from @COsweda: "Thread The @washingtonpost got hoodwinked. [...]")

You were saying?


Except that it’s not correct.

If you read the actual article, it admits it.

“Civil unrest” and “lack of confidence in government”.

The US was #1 . Lichtenstein? :rofl:

All addressed here: