Mumbles biden Is "Too Old and Senile" To Be Charged With Crimes

Well…more patriotic than “Fundamentaly change America” Obama…that’s if you arent afraid to admit.

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Also more patriotic than biden’s America Last policies.

But then my dog is more patriotic than vlad biden.

Both of them.

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Mumbles is hiding his marble-mouthed testimony behind “executive privilege”, for.a crime he committed when he was not entitled to any privilege.

I’ll bet his son beau, who died of cancer, would be ashamed of his lowlife father’s cowardice.

Hear! Hear! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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I do not know the intricacies of executive privilege but it I suspect its because he was interviewed and investigated while he was President.

The dirty little secret is that Biden could be replaced with an AI-generated video and the only noticeable difference would be that Biden would appear to be more coherent and less prone to gaffes.

The sad reality is that elected leaders are little more than figureheads. If you doubt that consider these descriptions about how government really works:

“What I found out when I got into No. 10 is, I thought that if I got to the top of the tree, I would be able to implement those conservative policies… And what I discovered was that I was not holding the levers. The levers were held by the Bank of England, by the Office of Budget Responsibility, they weren’t held by the Prime Minister or the Chancellor…”
–Liz Truss, former UK prime minister

“I thought of something George Bush told me in the Oval Office. I was asking about the policies and how they were going to change, and he said, “Glenn, don’t worry, whoever sits behind this desk, in that chair, is going to have the same advice given by the same advisors and they’ll realize, the President’s hands are tied.” I walked out of that room horrified… Why do we even have elections?”
–Glenn Beck interview with Tucker Carlson
The power behind the throne and the forever wars

Thus taking a position on executive privilege similar to Trump’s position on Presidential immunity.
Namely, that if you are President they apply even when doing something that has nothing to do with your duties as President.

It’s two different things.

Only because one is biden and the other Trump

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Executive privilege and executive immunity are two different things no matter who is President.

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Immunity is a privilege.

No, it’s two different things.

And the same principle.

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As the old saying goes if not for Double Standards woke libs would have no standards at all.

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Man the the level of hypocrisy in this thread is off the charts. Several left posters are defending executive privilege here yet I suspect if I searched the forum for posts during the last admin, every time Trump claimed the same thing they were screaming “what is he hiding?”, “another case of abuse of EP!!”.

Expected but still pathetic as hell.