Mumbles biden Is "Too Old and Senile" To Be Charged With Crimes

I bets you…his handlers are so horryfied of him going in front of microphones and Media… in his uncontroled anger and because of uncontroled outbursts I am sure they’re dreadding the day when he gets angry and MOONS the reporters right there on the podium.

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…yet he is deserving the job of the President of the most powerfull Nation on Earth and be the Police to ALL 7 Billions.
HAAAAAA…LOOOOOOO…Democrats…anybody THERE with 2 brain cells to rub together…anybody???

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Absolutely not the ‘service’.
But…just you wait…the minute they figure out how to get rid of him and his sorry ass family screaming and kicking grabbing at the taxpayers boosom …they will throw a parade in his favor and start naming airports and Unis after him. :rofl:
What a zoo…

Great question.
EVEN now when out of the office he is spending unnecessary Millions to ward of the sorry verming gnawing and chewing at his ass.
UGH…anyone else would throw the towel in and say…‘to hell aaaall of you I’ma leaving this crazy place’…or would be broke and QUIT in disgust.

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That makes no sense…
And even I with delinquent English can say…you make no sense.
He DID lose something during the 4 years.
He lost his SALARY in those 4 years.
He GIFTED his salary with no strings attached.
20 Millions IS a big chunk he’d have in his pocket if he didn’t give it away.
So even if you wont THANK him at least admit that he DID GIVE it away.
Donated it, gave it, forfitted it…whatever…it was OUT of his pocket.

If he gave it to me or Zippy or Camp…at least he’d get a thank you note. :clap: :dancer: :clap: :dancer: :wink: :sweat_smile:


That’s just the first case in point. You have a certain disdain for politicians but at the end of the day most people call that having a job. Let’s not forget, most of you also worked for the government.

Multiple affairs
Multiple marriages
Paid off porn star
Trump University
Trump Foundation
6 bankruptcies (no telling how many small businesses he destroyed)
Found guilty of fraud
Found guilty of sexual abuse and defamation

That’s some good christian values there and the list goes on and on. My point stands. Biden is a better man than Trump ever thought about being.

You keep trotting out this “influence peddler” nonsense like it’s fact. Please show us where Joe Biden took one red cent for selling influence. You can’t and neither can Comer because the evidence that was coming any day now isn’t there.

It’s Kid Sniffer or bust for the libs. They’re in too deep now, and they can’t stop. :rofl:


The two-tier system of justice is clearly on display and only a Schiff shammed "V"irtuous idiot that places their politics over their country could ever support this weaponized justice system…period.

So funny.

Idiocracy is the 2024 election season theme.







New narrative alert :rotating_light:

biden is the epitome of honor.



Back at ya skippy!



A few more deep dives maybe not covered so far.

-The hur investigation went on for 13 months. He was appointed in Jan. 2023
-biden was interviewed in October (9 months into investigation)
-You can assume most or all other interviews and reviews of documents were done prior to biden’s interview.
-Excuses have been made about the timing of the interview, suggesting biden was tired related to the events of the Oct. 7th attack in israel.
-Team biden did the interview, when they probably could have postponed if they felt it was necessary.
-Team biden took exception to the language of the report before it’s release
-merrick garland didn’t make any changes to the report (apparently he’d have to testify if he had)

Now the last part is important to me, because here you have merrick garland (Attorney General of the United States), he has meetings with biden. Knows biden. Known him for years.

There’s a report on his desk that’s going to hurt biden when it is released. And…He…Does…NOTHING.


Either garland believes/knows it’s true, or he just let biden get away with crimes.

garland is bigger in this than anyone else is talking about.


Your Trump hatred runs deep.

You can’t even say that Trump donating appropriately 1.6 million to charity is a goid thing.

Let me help. Trump donating his salary from being president to various legitimate charities IS A GOOD THING.

I can’t understand how you guys can let hatred be the driving force in your life.

If a leftist ever gave money to a legitimate charity would think that a good thing. Never see it but hypothetically it would be a good.

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Of course its a good thing. Any donation to charity regardless of size is a good thing.

I dont hate Trump, just dont want him to be President. Look at my posts and you will see I am equally critical of Biden. I dont want Biden to be president either.

My disdain of all politicians runs deep. I dont care if they have a D or R after their name.

Hence the reason I know who works and who doesn’t.

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Those of us with actual experience out there. :wink:

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