Mulvaney: Cruz could lose


So weird how “tofu” triggers them so much. It’s just a food.


I dunno, I kind of like Cruz.

One, his hospitality. Cruz clearly doesn’t like Trump, but the guy wants to campaign on Cruz’s behalf, so what’s Cruz gonna do? Be a good host, right? Keep a seat open and a Big Mac on the little table next to that seat, and if Trump wants Mr. Pibb–Cruz’s team is pretty sure it’s Coke, but preparedness is everything–then Cruz has an assistant to fetch it.

Two, the guy’s got charisma. I won’t go so far as to call it a Zeus glow, but there’s something there, and it makes me think of ancient Greece and Christians and lions, but not Christians, because he’s Christian, and he’s not a lion. Not yet. But I see a glimmer. Maybe he’ll become the first Christian lion, and we can set him free in Mecca.

Three, his sense of humor is right up there (holds hand up pretty high up in the air, higher than you’d expect, top of the curtain high).

Four, nobody disputes his light-hearted stubbornness. Reading Dr. Seuss in a filibuster? That’s a win win for everybody. I make my niece and nephew watch it whenever they demand ice cream. They say they love it, and then I unlock the freezer.

And five: character. if he or his family is insulted or attacked, he knuckles down and fights back in the most unyielding way that I’ve seen since Rocky III, or IV, I forget. The “If he dies, he dies” one. There are certain lines that you don’t cross with Ted Cruz, and he lets people cross them. That takes guts.


All of the people are not in the major cities, less than half are.


DFW metro area: 6.4 million people.
Austin metro area: 2.0 million people.
San Antonio metro area: 1.5 million people.
El Paso metro area: 1 million people.

My math says we’re already at 1/3 of the state.


Lat I checked 1/3 is well under half.

Those metro areas also include the suburbs and bedroom communities as well.


85% of Texans live in cities.

You understand that, right?


That’s just counting the cities that you mentioned


“Major Cities”. Quit trying to move the bar.

The current population is almost 29 million most of which are not in the “major cities”.

Every town in the state is considered a "city’ regardless of size.


Drive through Texas and you will find every town you pass through is a “City” as designated by the “City LImits” signs as well as the “CITY OF XXX” designation on the local gov’t facilities.

There are a few communities with no city gov’t at all and they are designated as communities.

Your attempt to move the bar is noted and not accepted.



85% of Texans live in an urban environment.

The legal status of the township is irrelevant.


You’re free to keep making it up as you go along. Suburbs and small towns are not “urban”, and cities under 500k are not “major cities”.


Where are the real Texans going to move when the year comes that the big shift happens?


Hey guys…nobody cares what you call your town and cities…literally nobody.


By doing what exactly? Taking a slapping from Trump, then coming crawling back to him later?


“Could Lose” is an understatement.

He is VERY LIKELY to lose.

O’Rouke is likable, Cruz is not.

O’Rourke is out funding Cruz, and actually visiting every single county in Texas.

Cruz is hampered by two things: (1) the President is becoming more and more unpopular. (2) People see Cruz as a scumbag and a hypocrite.

The September polls show Cruz leading, but within the margin of error.

The reality here is simply and true for most political races: When the race is tight, the candidate with the most voter enthusiasm wins. You see, most polling companies are conservative in their estimates. They look at likely voters and predictable voters. They cannot logically factor in the unexpected voter turnout. You really need to add about 3-5% to Beto total to get a more accurate measurement of the race. It’s close, but at the end of the day, Beto is moving upward in the polls and Cruz is going the other way.


I think it would be very interesting to endlessly bicker about the exact nomenclature for all of the different types of human settlements.


You had me until you got to character…He had been a true conservative going against trump but buckled under the pressures of big money donors…


This is ■■■■■■■ hilarious. You win the internet.

Your prize? I just gave Beto $100 in my name.


Definitely not “very likely” to lose. Just look at the respective primary results for Beto and Cruz. Fact is, conservatives show up in Texas. Even though demographics are moving in their favor, Democrats have a GOTV problem, though it’s getting better. I’ve volunteered for the first time ever with a campaign for the Democratic candidate for my congressional district (TX-22, Sri Preston Kulkarni). This year may not be the year, but it’s getting closer and closer.


And an extremely empty state.