Mulvaney: Cruz could lose




Nah. That can’t be it. It’s the biased media.


Of course he could lose. If he can’t get Republicans and the “Trump Coalition” to turn out he could lose.

If he gets his base motivated though it won’t even be close.


Cruz is just smarmy.


Obviously I haven’t been to Texas lately, but Beto is getting money from Soros and other extreme leftists.

He’s being shown more often and so uninformed voters are seeing more and more of this guy as the election draws closer. For Texas’ sake, and the U.S.’ sake, I hope he doesn’t get elected. The U.S. can’t afford to have another extreme liberal in the Senate, and have the slim majority flip blue.


And Beto is a fraud. I guess the people of Texas don’t have much of a choice, then, do they? :woman_shrugging:

That said, I’ve checked both Beto’s and Cruz’s Facebook pages (I’ve been an avid follower of Cruz since he ran for president) and Cruz is getting thousands of more comments, and likes. He’s obviously well-known, so the media touting Beto may not have much of an effect. Beto might have more of a following on Twitter, as a lot of Gen Z uses Twitter, and they are coming of age to vote this year.


Indeed. He has a lot of supporters it seems, but those hoping for term limits may vote against him. Or rather, that may be the reason why some Conservatives vote against him.


I seriously doubt it. 12 years is where most people I know of pushing term limits would set the bar anyhow.


Why do you people use the insults that Trump used if you hate Trump so much? Why copy his language? I don’t understand this. I mean, if you’re going to hate Trump, be consistent and don’t use his kind of language.


Well this is weird. I’m at both of their Facebook pages right now. There are some posts where Beto has thousands of likes/shares/comments/etc. There are some posts where Cruz has a lot. Cruz has been around much longer and has millions of followers. Beto has a quarter of that and appears to have similar numbers. I don’t see a significant difference just browsing the top few posts (not including Beto posting events he’ll be attending).

Cruz was live on Saturday night and the video got 1.6k reacts and 89k views. A live video from Beto yesterday got 10k reacts and 116k shares.

You may want to have another look. For having a quarter of the following, My 5 minutes of perusing both pages shows you aren’t looking too closely.


hm…then I predict it will be a close race, like many on here are saying. Texas is a big state, and there are many districts, as well as blue pockets of the state such as around Austin and El Paso.


Good. You recognize the provenance of the nickname.

I do it to remind people who Ted Cruz is and who Ted Cruz supports.


I think Texans will cling to Cruz the same way Kentuckians cling to McConnell. They can’t quit him. They scream “ditch Mitch” every 6 years, then vote for him again and again.


Fortunately most of our population isn’t centered in a handful of major cities.

Get beyond Dallas, Austin, Houston, SA and EP and it’s an extremely red state.


Unlike Mitch Cruz does a great job of representing the state.





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Lol, out of $23 million raised as of June 30th, $139 thousand came from J Street. Beto has raised $10 million from small donors, including myself.


Yep, once you get beyond where all of the people, culture, tax revenue and civilization reside, Texas is pretty red.


Personally I doubt it, I feel Beto has a lot of hype but I just do not see that translating into a win in Texas…but who knows


I like the fact these people think Cruz isnt getting money from outside texas either and it never happens ever in politics…