Mulvaney: Cruz could lose

Haven’t really been following the Texas race, but is this really even a possibility? I mean I could maybe buy it if the donors cut off Cruz, but since the '16 election he’s done a complete 180 and is doing pretty much whatever McConnell and Senate leadership wants, plus he’s been sucking up to Trump every chance he’s gotten.

So, why all the angst over such a safe seat?

Because beto is so close. I fear this may be media hype, so I’m just gonna watch and see…its almost like the reverse of 2016 though.

I saw the hill saying that the Senate could be in play…that’s how bad it looks.

Dems take both houses this president is over.

Oh and I love the new attitude from Cornyn et al. ‘He’s been nice recently so he’s part of the team!’

Cruz will turn on Senate republicans in a ■■■■■■■ heartbeat when he sees an opportunity to run for President again.

First, you didn’t mention Mulvaney also said this:

“There’s a very real possibility we will win a race for Senate in Florida and lose a race in Texas for Senate, O.K.?” Mr. Mulvaney said. “I don’t think it’s likely, but it’s a possibility. How likable is a candidate? That still counts.”

He didn’t say it’s likely, only possible. Doesn’t hurt that Beto is getting tons of free publicity, and mostly fawning attention from most media.

Could Cruz lose? Not impossible, but not likely either.

The NJ senate race is also competitive, but I think in the end Menendez will win again.

Yeah I just can’t see Beto winning, even with an insufferable snot like Cruz as his opponent. It’s still Texas.

But maybe rolling over and presenting his belly to McConnell etc doesn’t play well in Texas. He does look utterly pathetic every time he kisses Trumps ass after that nasty primary.

The fact that Mulvaney et al think he “could” lose is eye-raising enough as it is. How did Cruz fare so poorly that it’s even a possibility?

Being unlikeable isn’t enough, even Roy Moore got 48% of the vote.

Well, when someone is raising gobs of cash, although most of it out of state, and getting all kinds of media attention, almost all of it fawning, why should you be surprised the race is close?

Meanwhile, although polling has been scant, there is every indication the NJ race is close, but the media doesn’t give a ■■■■■ They only care if an R seat is in danger.

In the end, i think both Menendez and Cruz will win. But only one has been hyped. That’s because most of the media is an arm of the DNC.

And look at another race that may be close… the Governor of California.

Now this poll may be an outlier, and I’d be shocked if Newsom lost. But once again, most of the media does not give a ■■■■■ You won’t see a story on CNN speculating that maybe the D is in trouble there.

Because it’s Texas, and it’s Ted Cruz.

I mean Schwarzenegger wasn’t that long ago. And Menendez being close isn’t a surprise given his baggage .

Ted Cruz though? That’s a headscratcher, and I think that’s the primary reason for all the attention on Texas.

But I don’t disagree, I’d be surprised to see an upset in any of these election. But Trump still won so shrug.

Anie was far from a conservative. Don’t know about Cox though. And Menendez certainly does have baggage.

You seem shocked though that a guy who has raised millions from out of state, and who has received overwhelmingly favorable media coverage, could be competitive in a red state? I’d be surprised if it wasn’t close.

Once Texas voters realize what a leftist he is, I’ am sure Cruz will be reelected.

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Texas won’t vote out a sniveling coward like Cruz. Any hope for rationality is a pipe dream.


Look at the attack ads Cruz is using…he knows he is losing and is desperate now.

Cruz should be booted for being a piece of ■■■■■■■■ then again look who the gop elected for pres.

Cruz is running on beto was in a punk rock band and had a DUI 22 years ago. He wont debate him…but sure it’s the issue beto is too far left…

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Didn’t Bush have a DUI?

Yes he did…and maybe coke…but you know…it was years ago…

O Rourke was on Elen.

It’s over for cruz

Literally the title of the thread is “could lose.” That’s exactly what OP started the thread to discuss-whether it’s POSSIBLE Cruz could lose-so you’re sort of arguing a point no one is arguing against.

Doesn’t hurt that Cruz has become a groveling hypocrite who is going after this Beto fellow pretty personally.

The NJ race is competitive, but Menendez is still polling right at the high end of the margin of error.

I don’t think Cruz will lose either, but a former presidential candidate, who had a pretty major feud with the now sitting president, who SHOULD win that seat by 15+ points, in a neck and neck heat with a dude raising a lot of money, is a pretty major story.

You literally explained above the link you posted WHY one is getting more attention than the other, but then drop the partisan turd of “the media is an arm of the DNC.”

In one of the races, the opponent is raising gobs of cash, is facing off against a dude who used to have the balls to stand up to Trump but now kisses the ring, has consistent and recent polling, while the other has like…two polls since May.

But they’re definitely covering one more because of political bias :roll_eyes:

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Maybe he’s getting “overwhelmingly favorable media coverage” because he’s not running overwhelmingly Trump-style attacks against his opponent the way Cruz is doing?