Mulvaney: Cruz could lose


Has Beto said that he is Latino?


He attempted to join the Hispanic caucus claiming to be Latino but was deemed ineligible.


No, he didn’t. He attempted to join the caucus because his district is 80% Hispanic.


He claimed to be of latino heritage, could not substantiate the claim and was denied.

He invented his Mexican nickname when he entered politics to give himself “latino cred”.

His exemplifies cultural misappropriation for personal gain.

He’s a fraud and always has been.


None of that is true.


Show any of it to be false if you can.


We all know how this will go.


What we actually know is that such comments are all you have to contribute.


You’re simply wrong. But again, we all know how this will go.


Your response is true.


Oh really?


A Columbia Daily Spectator article four days later likewise quoted “co-captain Rob O’Rourke” explaining their opening loss to Rutgers. “It was a decent race for about 1300 meters,” he said. “At 1000 meters, each team made their move. Rutgers held theirs and capitalized on it, and we fell back.”

The next week, “Robert O’Rourke” was extensively quoted explaining a win over the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: “Past the 1000-meter mark the water was really rough, but we just rowed really hard and everyone was determined…”

A January 2018 Texas Monthly profile leaves no doubt that the two men are the same, noting that in his school years, Beto “was clean-cut, wore button-downs and slacks, and captained the Columbia rowing crew.”

A search of both university publications show no instances of O’Rourke going by “Beto.” But O’Rourke was credited as “Beto” in his punk rock band Foss’s April 1993 album “The El Paso ■■■■■■■■■.”

If it were a childhood nickname that “stuck” how was it suddenly lost when he went to Columbia not to return until he entered politics?


Yes, really. A person is not required to use his nickname in all times and in all places, is he?

Of course not.

Clearly, the picture supports his claim that he was nicknamed Beto from childhood.

Both candidates are using names that favor their perception with their electorate, and no amount of henpecking or nitpicking will change that fact.

Your claims are false, and as I predicted, we all knew how this would go.

Carry on.

I’ll play along until I get bored.

There. It just happened.


You do realize that Cruz’s first name isn’t “Ted”, yes?


Of course. I already said he was sucking up to rich white folks.


Wow that is a large amount of lying. You guys really are desperate!


His middle name is Edward, He’s as guilty as Ted Kennedy for using “Ted” instead of Edward.

he was teased mercilessly as a child over his first name so he chose to use his middle name instead, not at all uncommon.


You can tell wingnuts are desperate when all they have is the dude’s nickname to criticize. :rofl:

Just admit it my wingnuts friends, no one likes creepy creeperton Ted Cruz because he’s a freaking spineless coward.


You know what nickname I didn’t use in college? The one I had as a child while I lived in Israel given to me by my Jewish Gan teacher. You know what I’d probably go by if I went back to the community I grew up in where I was given that nickname? That nickname. I also didn’t use the nickname I had all four years of high school while in college. Why? Because it had no relevance in college. Nicknames typically have context and when you leave that context there’s no reference point for that name.

The idea that Beto is somehow a fraud because when he returned to his hometown he re-assumed the nickname he had growing up is absolute nonsense. And the lie that he’s trying to pretend to be Hispanic is ignorant as hell. You know who’s a fraud? This Beta:



That last picture is the best.


I just love how that one reporter completely deflates Cruz’s fake gusto with a simple question. It shows how pathetic he is.