Mulvaney: Cruz could lose


Yes, he is. And a horrible one at that.


Yes, I know.


You do have a point. But primarily, this is the Texans’ race. Whomever is elected to this seat, is representing the people of Texas. It sounds like he just wants to represent the people in the big cities, from what his platform is implying. Our moral values are subjective- different strokes for different folks.


What are you basing this on?


Sure. But their vote still impacts Americans across the nation, which makes it perfectly reasonable for people outside of the state to donate to whomever they choose. Also, much of his donations and campaign contributions are coming from within the state itself.

Well his campaigning suggests something else. He is visiting every single district and city across all of Texas. Both big and small. Regardless of how heavily the demographic may lean conservative. He seems to want to truly get to know all of the people in the state.

True. But I’m not sure of your meaning here my friend.


And Rafael Cruz wants the white vote, so he goes by Ted.


Your mom.

10 char.


Whats wrong with it?


So you’ve got nothing. Stay in school.


I said that already.


Did I say the word “Mexican” anywhere?

You’re misrepresenting what I said.

O’Rourke has always gone by Beto. It’s the name he’s most comfortable with, and it’s something which dates back to his early days in elementary school.

Cruz goes by Ted in order to have an Americanized name.It’s the name he’s most comfortable this.

I am not going to accuse anybody of using their nicknames in order to win votes.

Cruz is making a baseless claim, and looking awfully hypocritical in the process.


No, I did.


Go sell your soul Robbie.


This is stupid nonsense.


And as pointed out metro areas include the suburbs. Try again.


Yep, most conservatives have fled the blue cities for the suburbs or the country.


I wouldn’t count on that.


He’s pretending to be a Latino to buy votes.


And Raphael is pretending not to be.


Cruz is a Cuban American and has never represented himself as anything else.