Mulvaney: Cruz could lose


His teeth are bigger than Rob Beckett’s.


If I was an outside money group running ads against cruz… the issue of how quickly he heeled to Trump after acting all tough guy would be the way I would go.

I’d do it for the Lulz.


Not a winning line of attack.


What you just demonstrated is that the childhood nickname did not stick. it was used for convenience and opportunism when he returned and entered politics.

What you have also done is prove Cruz to be right in his predictions and criticisms of Trump.

Great job.


Bekel? Who is is Bekett?


Absolutely, I wish I would have prepared better and made some myself to run on facebook. I have a whole slew of catchy tag lines.


I love that this thread has devolved into nitpicking about Beto’s nickname. Turbo pathetic.


No, you completely missed the point which isn’t surprising.

The point is that nicknames stick in the context they are in. He got his name in El Paso. He didn’t use it outside of that context. He returned home and again started going by the nickname used in his home town. You know what I’m called by my high school buddies or at reunions/homecoming? The nickname everyone used while I was in high school. To this day my mom still uses the nickname I was given while we lived in Israel.


Look who’s “woke”…LOLOLOLOL


Beto is cool.


Bigger. He’s got horse teeth.


English comedian.


I didn’t miss anything, your vain attempts to justify his actions just failed.

The claim all along was that it was a childhood nickname that stuck, the evidence shows that to be false.


Ahh, no wonder, I gave up on English comedy in the eighties when it was all we could get on AFN.


What’s cool about Robbie.


It did stick - in El Paso where it was given.


I’ll take big teeth over creepy rapey face any day.


That is exactly how a human would smile.


He looks like he’s eating his own soul.