Mueller Warns of Active Russian Meddling




Recorded history. The Obama administration knew as far back as 2014 of their efforts and didn’t do a damned thing about it until Hillary lost.

Months before the election Obama got on stage and said it was ridiculous to even think they could impact our elections.

Suddenly when the votes are being counted they decide to take action against the Russians.


How long ago was it that the intelligence community testified that they had received no direction whatsoever in combatting this? Your support of Mother Russia and Trump is duly noted, though.


Again, saying this admin is doing about as much as the last doesn’t make the current one that great. In fact, it sounds like you make a great case for them being as ahitty on the issue as Trump. Well played.


Or maybe we should just get a grip on reality and realize this is nothing new. we still have to find ways to deal with Russia.


Didn’t say it was new. And Trump is doing as much as Obama to fight it. Makes him look less awesome if you ask me.


Was this not your claim which I replied to?


Honestly, it’s not even the Republican party of a few years ago. I remember a notable instance in the 2012 presidential campaign where Romney was warning of what a danger Russia was. Back then the republicans were cheering him on and it was the democrats who were chuckling.

The roles, at least on that issue, have now reversed in just a few years.


Romney lost.


Indictments are accusations.


And? He was still the republican nominee for president when he stated that position.


How exactly have they reversed? I don’t see republicans saying Russia isn’t a problem, I see them pointing to 2016 as confirmation of what conservatives have been saying for decades.


And he lost. Apparently his message wasn’t popular.


No Mueller is calling their bluff

Prosecutors asked Friedrich to bar any co-defendant of Concord from reviewing evidence until they appear in his courtroom to respond to the charges. They also want to regulate disclosure of “particularly sensitive material to foreign nationals” by first limiting it to U.S. lawyers for defendants.”


Personally, I’m just watching for the people that are siding with Russia over a United States investigator/the United States.

Everyone should be. It tells us all we need to know about party and country.


Of course this thread is filled with Trumpists shouting “who cares”




being that you don’t even know what the US Investigators have uncovered yet, you’re just simply siding with the Russians over us in advance.


If you wish to charge them with crimes, yes.


Yeah. I couldn’t even begin to count all the threads about that on the old forum…