Mueller Warns of Active Russian Meddling

U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller warned that Russian intelligence services still have active “interference operations” in the U.S. and that handing over certain evidence in a criminal case could imperil ongoing investigations.

Mueller on Tuesday asked a federal judge in Washington for an order to protect voluminous evidence sought by lawyers for Concord Management and Consulting LLC, one of three companies and 13 Russian nationals charged in a February indictment alleging election meddling via social media.

The Russians are accused of producing propaganda, posing as U.S. activists and posting political content on social media as so-called trolls to encourage strife in the U.S. The evidence includes between 1.5 and 2 terabytes of data and involves U.S. residents not charged with crimes who the government says were unwittingly recruited by Russians to engage in political activity, prosecutors wrote.


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Of course they are. It works.

Heh, the schmucks bluff got called by one of the Russian companies he accused and now wants to keep evidence that normally must be revealed in discovery, from the companies lawyers. I expected this move by Mueller.

They must be hiding behind the ChiComs…

He never thought they’d ever appear.

Apparently their council told the judge that they weren’t representing one of the accused companies because said company didn’t even exist as a legal entity when the events happened.

He sounds scared. He needs to focus. He ain’t going to 'peach The Tater if he ain’t focused.

In short, he made up a load of hooey to justify his continuing to impede the Trump admin, and doesn’t want that cat out of the bag. Please Mister Judge, i can,t let the world know i am full of ■■■■■

Do you believe accused foreign companies are entitled to discovery of information that could expose our intelligence gathering methods especially when the accused has relations to adversarial foreign intelligence service?

What specific actions has the Mueller team done to impede the Trump administration?

Do you believe such can not be redacted to protect the logistics? He does not want to put anything out there, period, that reveals the fact its all a product of disinformation.

Just watch for the people that side with Russians that played us over an investigator working for our country’s security and best interests. That will tell you a lot.


Going after people in his campaign, his family, anything to make Trump admin look dirty. That impedes his admin.

What does the Constitution say?

Are you making a point?

Well, let’s see.

A foreign policy advisor to the campaign has pleaded guilty.
A foreign policy advisor to the campaign who was also the President’s first National Security Advisor has pleaded guilty.
The Deputy Campaign Chairman has pleaded guilty.

Maybe, just maybe, the Trump admin is a little less than bleach-clean.

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Do you know?

I will address one, Flynn. He plead guilty after he went broke and was backed in a financial corner. The FBI investigators said he did not lie. Mueller went after him anyway. After the original judge recused himself, crooked bastard, the new judge threw out his guilty plea and demanded all evidence that could show his innocence be turned over to Flynns lawyer, we haven’t heard anything more.

Guilty of what?

Mueller brought them into our judicial system with indictments, not just accusations, so under those circumstances they are entitled to discovery, either that or drop all charges. Blame Mueller for risking our intelligence gathering methods not those trying to defend themselves.