Mueller Warns of Active Russian Meddling


Try the 6th.


So how the heck are you going to prosecute someone if your response is that you can’t show the evidence, for or against them, to anybody?
The answer, of course, it that you are not. Mueller simply didn’t expect to be called on this and now his bluff has been called and hes got nothing.
IF there was proof of wrongdoing, the alleged perpetrator would already know what they had done.


If you have a point to make, why not just make it?


i’ve typed this before, but i wonder how many WWII vets (and cold war folks) would be spinning in their graves if they knew that the Republican party (which i’m sure many were part of) was siding with the ole KGB dude and his boys in favor of the good old US of A. just the fact that Americans are trashing men who are investigating how a foreign power played us would probably infuriate them (after they sacrificed so much physically to protect us).

this ain’t your grandfather’s republican party folks.


They lived through the McCarthy period and seemed to not be phased. And that was back when the Russians were enslaving half of Europe.


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When the notable results you get from an investigation involve accusing people of crimes only arising out of the investigation itself, how they interacted with it, and not from what was originally claimed to be investigated, that should be seen as the definition of a witch hunt.


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Back then the Russians were still certified Commies.

The current Left doesn’t care any more about ChiCom influence than did the old extreme Left care about Soviet efforts. The again the old extreme Left isn’t really extreme to the Left anymore. It isn’t that the old “mainstream” Left would be Republican, but that they’d be about as welcome as Zell Miller is if they suddenly reappeared.


Mueller should put Russia in jail.


Mueller became nothing more then sleazebag.


This is news why? The Russians have had active operations to disrupt the US for over sixty years.


And its not just Russia. Many countries have been doing the same stuff for decades. So, while everyone is making Russia out to be a big bad boogie man, the other countries are free to do as they please.


Probably because Trump seems absolutely bored by trying to do anything to prevent it.


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Yea, you keep believing that Trump is omnipotent. Their are agencies that exist to deal with these things. I know Obama admin did nothing, even after they knew, but their is a new President in office now, not that do nothing Obama.


What time should the bombing of Moscow begin?


It was a “nothing burger” and “ridiculous” to think Russia could even in any way interfere in our elections.

Until Hillary lost.