Mueller investigating payments made by Russians around Trump Tower meeting:

So your suggestion is that the agalarovs don’t speak English?? I see no translators in the picture you posted.

Nope. Sure isn’t.

The OP said they were great friends. You attempted to buttress that assertion.

Are you going to get around to saying the meeting didn’t happen or is this just a merry-go-round of doing everything but acknowledging it did, and that Don Jr lied about it, and that Paul Manafort is sitting on a cot somewhere hoping the special counsel will pull him out of his cell to talk about it more?

Why would you make things up when I can scroll to the top of the page and read the original post?

What are you doing?

We do know what is was about. Fusion GPS put together some lame stuff on Hillary that was useless and had the Russian pretend she had info on her…which was then thrown in the trash.

Oh no! I turned “close ties” into “great friends” and in order to point out how wrong I was you posted a series of pictures with them together, and a series of tweets showing direct communication, but I’m being what?? Misleading??

Give us a break!

You’re being incredulous to proven facts.

Details matter. You’re either showing us you can’t remember them or you don’t care when you make things up.

So at best Donny Jr is a rube who lied to congress. I’d be ok with that. Your fantasy is wrong, but it still works out into putting a trump in jail.

You seem really confused, I think you DO need a break…

All I’m saying is that it seems like a weird way to communicate with a person you have “close ties” to.

Especially when the substance of the communication had nothing to do with the reality of the presentation and the fact that the presenting parties involved all had ties to hillary or FusionGPS.

Ya you’ve said that. I’ve read you saying that. You can say it 1000 more times and you realize it won’t change that’s exactly what happened right? Like, everyone agrees that’s what happened. They do, Trump does. It is known.

NEWSFLASH: Rich people have others to do their bidding

Then what the ■■■■ are you doing arguing about “English speaking points of contact”??


I wasn’t arguing. I was stating. Rob Goldstone is an english speaking point of contact. It’s pretty simple.

How in your fantasy way of how this treasonous meeting went down, should it have been set up @ohknow35?

Not that it matters at all because we know how what when where why who already, but just for kicks, explain.

And yet you admit it’s obvious that the others speak English, therefore making goldstone completely unnecessary and irrelevant. And an incredibly weird part of the process.

But yeah, keep up with the stupid argument.

It’s a story that it’s being investigated. Compare with Whitewater, compare with Watergate, etc. This is exactly the same: reporting on the investigations as they move down their tracks, dead ends, red herrings and all. You seem to want to pretend this time it’s all unprecedented, unique, or something.

Except it doesn’t do that at all.

Goldstone was with Donald the entire time he was in Moscow. Why aren’t you aware of that?

I never did such a thing. I need to ask you now to please refrain from any more fantasy and deal with the reality of what has been posted in this thread and what is known on this topic. Before you say anything make sure it isn’t coming out of your imagination first.

So you don’t believe the agalarovs speak English?? Yes or no??

You think trump speaks russian??