Mueller investigating payments made by Russians around Trump Tower meeting:

No. I’m pretending it is a real nothing and there is nothing to discuss until and if the money is traced and determined to be used for some nefarious means.
Otherwise, it is about as exciting as when I transfer money from my savings account into my checking account.

I know emin sings in English.

Can’t be much worse than his english.

What’s this all about again? Your point still seems stuck on not liking the way a meeting occurred and it seems to be relevant to absolutely nothing at all, let alone the topic in the op of this thread, which would be suspicious money transfers around the meeting.

Ok. Welcome to now

That money is on top of the more than $20 million that was flagged as suspicious, BuzzFeed News revealed earlier this month, after the money ricocheted among the planners and participants of the Trump Tower meeting. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, which has been investigating whether any individuals colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election, is examining the suspicious transactions, four federal law enforcement officials said. A spokesperson for Mueller’s office declined to comment.

Right, it’s an investigation in process, and whatever is learned about that is reported as it goes, just like always. Deal with that reality, then you wouldn’t need to pretend anything. You could say instead something reasonable, like “I’m guessing this turns out to be nothing crooked, all above board!”

if i was a crook.

Like I said, there is nothing to discuss until and if the money is traced and determined to be used for some nefarious purpose.

Doesn’t even require that, but if it did this thread shows that the concept of a cut-out just melts some innocent minds here.

I think the reality is Goldstone spent the weekend with Donald in Moscow. Rich people pay people to set things up for them. Goldstone set up the phone call between Jr and Emin because he is best in place to do exactly that as he gets paid for exactly that by Emin.

Ohknow35 apparently wants Arias to cold call Donald, maybe dial over and over until he gets him, leave an awkward message or two that ends with “love you hunny”

I’m not even guessing it turns out to be nothing crooked. I’m just saying as of now it is nothing but transferring some money. That’s it.
And if you want to talk about pretending, I’m not pretending anything. All the rest is hype and pretense.

…between participants of a suspicious meeting, and transferred in a way that raised suspicions amongst 3 separate banks who flagged it as having no legitimate purpose.

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Cohen would be a perfect example.

ikr? Why wouldn’t donald just call Stormy himself and tell her to be quiet!

Nor is it known to have an illegitimate purpose. The fact that it wasn’t immediately used to purchase a house or something doesn’t mean it was used for some suspicious purpose.
What are you guessing it was used for that makes it so bad?

I’m guessing the Russian money launderer with 2,000 corporations in delware wasn’t using three bank branches in Huntington Beach to split and move the money he was transferred from an oligarch for “compensation Amex expenses”.

So you don’t even have a guess what it was used for?

Money laundering involving the money launderers that were at the meeting of money launderers in the building occupied by dozens of money launderers.


So, what does that even mean? No idea what nefarious purpose was intended for the money?

The concealment of the origins of illegally obtained money, typically by means of transfers involving foreign banks or legitimate businesses.

Hey what did meeting attendee Paul Manafort admit to in court the other day? I forget.

Is it true that Trump could face the death penalty for his crimes against America?

It’s great that you support a traitorous piece of ■■■■ criminal. Hopefully you can find solace when he and his crappy kids are imprisoned, or worse.

Ah. If one person transferred money to hide their income, then that mus be what all bank transfers are for.