Mueller investigating payments made by Russians around Trump Tower meeting:

Buzzfeed is now reporting that $3.3 million was being moved around between Aras Agalarov (Russian real estate developer with close ties to Trump and Putin) and his deputy Irakly Kaveladze.

Kaveladze was involved in planning the meeting.

Oh look. another rehash of the same old story. They do this all the time. A little circle of stories, so the media panels can repeat the same stuff and pretend something change . They wait until libby forgets, about a month and run it again, they get all ginned up. It’s like the movie “ground hogs day”…

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aras agalarov is so close to trump that he asked his son, who asked a music promoter to pass on a message to trump jr. that the russians had damaging info on hillary.

Sounds like they’re best friends who meet and talk all the time!

Oh, and it turns out that the people who show up to deliver the dirt are either associates of hillary, or are currently dealing with FusionGPS. And when they show up they deliver a presentation about russian gayby adoptions. That’s some friend.

A more likely scenario is that someone flipped agalarov at some point in 2016 and set this whole ridiculous scheme in motion.

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“Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating millions of dollars paid between two organizers of the Trump Tower meeting that involved Donald Trump Jr., top Trump campaign aides and a Russian lawyer who promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton.”

When you throw everything together in a sentence like that (meeting, Trump Jr., millions of dollars) it creates a mental connection between everything in that hash. As if there were shown to be some connection between the millions and Trump Jr.
Good journalism. Well, good modern journalism.

Why would there be any financial entanglement between Kaveladze’s import/export company and Goldstone’s music business?

Hahaha you’re in denial

Oddly, I am not familiar with the businesses you mention or the people involved.
When the money transferred is shown to have some nefarious purpose, this may even be a story. In the mean time, it is not.
And when any of it is shown to have anything to do with the meeting or Trump Jr, then this will have been shown to be legitimate journalism.

The story is that two previously unconnected people were both at that meeting. One, Kaveladze who is known to be a money launderer and works for Algorov starts to transfer money to Goldstone.

When the news breaks about the meeting, Goldstone starts to make ATM withdrawals like it is going out of style.

I said a couple of weeks ago that maybe this story has legs… it looks like it might.

Nothing has been added in those two weeks. Repeating the same thing isn’t “legs”. And there is no reason shown as of yet to connect that transfer with the meeting.
How do you know they were not connected in some way? Why were they both at the meeting if they were not connected?
And again, what is the nefarious purpose of the money transfer?

Except that one of the participants at that meeting is now cooperating fully with Mueller.

More flooding this forum with libs conspiracy theories…when one fon’t pan out they create another one, and if that foesn’t work rehash old one.

Seriously libs…you guys need to figure it out what’s really happening.

But again don’t. Longer you guys run like bunch of raving lunatic the more I’m laughing at you all.

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I’m aware that they know each other and have been friends. Doesn’t change a thing about my point.

If those texts from Manafort saying they could use Cyprus is connected to this then we have our collusion

Neat you are gaslighting…

You’re using a pretty big word that you know nothing of.

How many more times are you going to repeat this?

no its fairly accurate to what you are doing.

and ill repeat it as often as i see you doing it. which is basically all the time.

Now, tell me again what was wrong with their transferring this money.

Are you Trump-haters still pushing the Russia collusion crap? Geeze. :roll_eyes:

There was no Russia collusion.

Insightful post, as always.


Thanks for bumping the OP. I find it helpful to remember Mueller is still doing his job.