Mueller and his band of thugs may be in heap of trouble


It’s truly amazing how much pure bull ■■■■ a typical right-wing Fox viewer can consume daily.


The only type of people who don’t get angry after getting suckered repeatedly by the same TV and radio personalities are suckers. It’s some weird offshoot of Stockholm Syndrome.

I have a feeling that suckers are also especially susceptible to commercials.


That’s a beaut. As far removed from reality as a post can be.


Or Congressional committees and the FBI, bro.


NOBODY can stand up to the kangaroo court style “investigation” done by the corrupt Mueller inquisition.


KFC greasy tears more likely


If it’s so corrupt, why doesn’t Trump fire Mueller?

If it’s so corrupt, then Trump should recommend an investigation into Mueller.


Will they make an example out of Mueller for destroying evidence?


Pfft, Not-so-Breitbart. HAHAHAHA.

Try again with something less ridiculous.


Brietbart is at least as credible as CNN.


If you are comparing Breitbart (which “tries” to be news) to any of the political opinion commentators in the evening, then yes.

If you are comparing Breitbart to the actual CNN news, then nope.


True i was told CNN is more infowars …


How many times does the CEC have to fall flat before some start to realize that they are lying to them for money?


I can answer that one…they will never lose that base of 20 million


Right- they sell a lot of catheters, Hoverounds (stuff you can get free from medicare) and burial insurance.


I’ve told this story before I think, but my conspiracy-loving uncle spent most of his retirement nest egg on gold coins during the Obama administration, much to the consternation of his kids.


That requires critical thinking ability, an attribute missing in many of these folks.

It’s nothing new, really. Greedy people have always been able to find ways to monetize the weakness of the gullible.


The thing is that i do not mind a Conservative take on the news. I encoirage it. I think that there needs to be multiple perspectives looking at a problem to find a answer that serves the most people effectively.

The problem is that that view of the news has to be predicted on there being a shared reality and for years now the “Conservative” take on the news has been a highway to crazy town.


Flynn was framed! And of all of Mueller’s “victims” this one makes me the most livid because the man served his country for 33 years and is a military hero to be treated like a criminal in the Mueller’s political witch hunt is as disgusting as it gets!



But the respectable (but dry) conservative thinkers appear to be losing ground to the more “flashy”, headline grabbing pundits.

The same can be said for some on the left of course, though I believe the far right does it better.