Mueller and his band of thugs may be in heap of trouble


Please provide a link to this :point_down:


Perhaps. That is subjective though. I believe Congressman King did a fair job of that all on his own though. In particular with his request to have the political affiliations of 1,000 private citizens made known to the government.


A link to what? I humbly requested a link from you supporting your claim that there are free games with pop-up ads that would direct said advertisement to news feeds regarding current political events that would have said negative things about Congressman King. Which was the apparent thrust of your defense of the Congressman here.




3 PM has come and gone and My Beloved Liberal Media is not covering this great news. Wait. I’m listening to local conservative radio. I’m still not hearing what happened today.



That does seem to be the chosen response to this request.


Womp, womp.


Did he say 3 PM? He meant 4 PM.

Oh, it’s 4 PM and still nothing?

He meant 5 PM.


…Pacific Time.


It’s fun watching trump supporters get suckered over and over and over again


Once a sucker, always a sucker.


I’m still waiting on this bombshell.


Might want to start knitting a blanket…might make a couple dozen before you see anything


Mueller and his Merry Band of Thugs!


I love the smell of Nothing Burger in the evening…



I’m doubling up on the Prilosec after all this nothingburger.


Has Mueller been arrested yet?

Asking for a friend…


This post must have been refreshed into oblivion or something.


Doesn’t cover the story? Really? I heard the story on Maddow’s show. She went over in detail Hayden’s court filing, including all about the circumstances of that initial interview, as laid out therein.
Do you watch the liberal media? I also heard Hannity flogging his nonsense about Agent Strozk, etc.


so…whats the damage? how much trouble are they in?