Mueller and his band of thugs may be in heap of trouble

Apparently the federal judge order Mueller and his band of slimball democrat operatives ordered Mueller to turn over all of its highly secret documents related to Flynn’s questioning.

And he…Mueller has until high noon Friday to turn over all sensitive FBI documents.

Sullivan’s extraordinary request sets a Friday afternoon deadline for Mueller to turn over sensitive FBI documents under seal.

But again slim ball weasels that operate within CoJ and FBI will stall and weasel there way out.

But it’s OK…American people are waking up just how corrupt Mueller and his band of thugs, CoJ and FBI are.


So the Judge want to know if the FBI tried to push Flynn not to lawyer up. I don’t see how this is a bombshell or will have any effect on the Muller case.

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LOL. Yes, it’s Mueller that is corrupt.

It’s weird how Mueller’s credibility was never in question, until people around Trump started getting indicted.


You got him now!


Flynn’s allegation has nothing to do with Mueller. Mueller hadn’t even been appointed when the FBI interviewed Flynn.

I’d bet anything that if we could review Mueller’s Google searches we would find that he was searching for information on how to be a special prosecutor as early as November 2016.

Trump’s defenders have no idea how dumb he’s making them all look.


Yes they do…they simply don’t care. That’s what makes it so damned sad.

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The whole “Mueller is the real criminal” angle is gross.


Then the judge must be mistaken. His order was directed at Mueller. You need to write the judge and tell him to leave Mueller alone. He wasn’t appointed yet, when the interview was conducted.

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The Judge is asking for a transcript of a interview this is what will bring down the investigation :laughing:


Why are Trumpers so angry at a Republican who is doing his job?


Gee I don’t know.
Ted Bundy was a Republican who was doing his job. A lot of people didn’t like him.

It’s always nice when I can start the day out with a good laugh. That doesn’t happen often from a thread on a political forum.


Hold on hold on…drip drip drip!


So many felons in the two short years. This might be the most corrupt, dirtist and stupidest administration ever.

Campaign manger = felon
Deputy campaign manager = felon
National Security Advisor = felon
Lawyer = felon
Foreign Policy Board Member = felon
His data collection firm is bankrupt and being investigated in multiple countries.

But yes, please continue to hang on to one legal requirement. All the while you ignore the fires all around.


Absolutely it is the most corrupt administration in US History. Trump will go down as synonymous with corruption.

And it is wildly entertaining to watch the cult flail about and try to accuse the Justice Department of being the corrupt one. All because they are dismantling this corrupt administration and the corrupt campaign that supported it piece by piece.

It shows just how desperate they are. Their tears are delicious. Seeing them whine and cry like children is about the best feeling us NeverTrump conservatives can feel.

They claimed they wanted to burn it all down. Well, wish come true. It’s just not exactly what they thought would be burning.



One might say that Trump is Making Felonies Popular Again.


The FISA warrant and Mueller have always been in question.

They just have not been compelled to answer, just yet.

No it hasnt…the only people questioning it are people deep in support of trump .the issue has been fleshed out. If there was an issue trump could declassify the stupid thing and prove you are right…he hasnt…