Mueller and his band of thugs may be in heap of trouble


Yes, the Flynn case is very sad, but not for the reasons you gave.


How could he be framed when he truthfully admitted in court he was guilty of the crime he was charged with?

Also, does it not bother you that he was acting as the United States National Security Adviser to the President and also representing a foreign nation and their interests?

If your loyalty is to the United States then his crimes should be what you’re mad at. Not that he was caught.


Hero status went out the window when he hooked up with Trump and gleefully led chants of “Lock her up!”


I hate when a military guy of 33 yrs lie to FBI.


What exactly is the crime? What exactly did Flynn admit to lying about to the FBI? Those “in the know” really should tell us all!

It was more like being “framed” into pleading guilty so the FBI and Mueller would get off his back and that he could salvage some of his life, career and save his family further financial & emotional hardship. It can cost a person 100’s of thousands of $$$ just to be a witness in a FBI investigation let alone be a “target” by corrupt FBI officials, such as McCabe, Strzok and Comey!


The CEC has told Roxie that Mueller framed Flynn.


I like military vets who don’t lie to the FBI. Call me old fashioned if you want.


A much more expedient way to think about those associated with Donald Trump: If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.


all your questions can be answered by reading the court records that specifically addresses every one of your questions…

so the real question is why havent you done any research whatsoever into the issue before making claims that completely and utterly untrue?

it is almost as if you are more interested in pushing some sort of agenda instead of caring about truth and fact…


Well this was a bizarre post.


Looks like the phrase “witch hunt” has started to lose its power. The intended audience is developing a resistance to it like a bacteria develops a resistance to antibiotics.

The new word is “inquisition.” I expect it to be on the rise. It’s already showing increased primacy.

It must have tested well in the focus groups.


Remember when Trump fired Flynn? Why was that again?


Lying to the Vice President.


Inquisition and framed will be the new buzz words.


Yes, that was the official reason.

But Sally Yates said because Russian diplomatic and intelligence officials also knew about the content of Flynn’s conversations with Russians, — and probably had their own proof of them — Flynn was vulnerable to blackmail.


Yeah, his lie to Pence was one of the lies he told the FBI, as well. Lying to Pence has a lot less “illegal as ■■■■■■■ hell” ring to it.


So you believe that happened, eh?


For someone claiming to be enraged over all of this, it is odd that you don’t already know all of the details of this case. Have you read the Statement of Facts? The sentencing memos submitted by General Flynn to the court? The amount of criminal charges they could have charged him with, had he not admitted to his crime of lying to investigators, could have been enough to land him in prison for possibly the rest of his natural life. And you don’t know any of this? How strange.

Well literally none of that is even remotely accurate. For someone as upset as you are, I would suggest trying to become better informed. It may help with your anger levels. And it will probably even shift the direction of your ire towards the person committing serious crimes, and away from the people upholding the rule of law and defending our nation.

Unless being angry is more enjoyable for you. If that’s the case, then keep believing this alternate reality version of events and rage on. :slight_smile:


I can’t find any news on if he turned over the requested info…


I’m well aware of what the CEC is telling people. But it doesn’t take much effort at all to read the facts submitted on this case. It’s public record. And quickly disproves the entire “framed” conspiracy theory.

I struggle understanding why people would rather believe a lie, and allow that lie to impact them emotionally, than to know the truth. Especially when it comes to someone who is a felon and committed multiple crimes that put him in opposition to the United States. It makes no sense to believe a lie and support a criminal.