“Most Lethal Terrorist Threat” - “White Supremacy”

Thats what Biden said. Easily one of the stupidest things awkwardly mumbled by any so called US leader let alone president. It’s even Stacey Abrams level stupid and that is bad. Trust me

Out of all the actual threats to our homeland, like for instance, chinese gain-of-function virus research lab leaks, actual terrorism, illegal migrant invasion with an open border policy (see: actual terrorism). unsustainable spending, wussification of our military to go woke, lawless fascist gangs taking and keeping control of major cities for months like real-life lord of the flies scenarios (see: actual terrorism), super well-funded (somehow) hyper-racist democrat party supporting groups like BLM destroying multiple parts of multiple major cities for months on end (see: … well you get the idea)

i could go on and on of course but my battery is only at 84%.

but enough about Biden’s first 100 days or so.

Now I’ll admit, there is white supremacy terrorism in the US. There is also the bubonic plague. In fact the exalted CDC says on average of about 7 cases a year. That seems a lot more than the number of white supremacy terrorism cases we get per year. You might think the CDC would stop calling racism a “public health threat” as much as they do with all these cases of plague. But, plague is an actual biological health concern. The CDC does politics now, obviously.

The biggest concern of naming “white supremacy terrorism” as our worst lethal threat is not Biden’s obvious mental decline into a mumbling woke haze, but it could endanger people of color (white) throughout the nation.

In fact already we have Yale professors outwardly fantasizing about shooting white people in the head. because theyre white.

We also have a supposed “medical” journal calling “being white” a parasite. (not kidding! whether real or not, that is how deranged the left at large is):


I guess we should be relieved, since Biden no longer thinks “climate change” is the biggest threat but who knows where he’ll land in his next moment of brief clarity with what the biggest threat is. I just hope it doesnt lead people to hate and kill other people with different skin pigments.


Just a flu. .00001

It’s not though. I would argue gang related violence is the most lethal. White supremacy terrorism is up there.

show me some white supremacy terrorism please

Lethal to whom or what?

To people. Like gang related violence.

ms 13 not as lethal as white supremacy terrorism?

Why? You said in your op it exists.

Hmm? I said gang related violence is the most lethal.

That’s twice now.

What are your odds of being killed by gang violence? White supremacy?


Since i said gang related violence is the most lethal not sure what your question is supposed to establish. Agreement?

Three times

That’s not my argument. Government can’t protect you as an individual. Do you really worry about being killed by gang violence?

Is gang violence really a threat to most Americans?

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playing these games already i see

thanks for reading and posting

I keep looking for examples of this lethal threat of white supremacy. I haven’t heard about murders being done to minorities by whites due to this but I have seen plenty of examples, the other way around. I keep looking for beatings, burnings and other acts of violence by white supremacists being done to the black community but it’s no where to be seen. It’s not being shown in newspapers, on tv, the radio…no where…but…I have seen and heard plenty of examples, the other way around. So why is it, that all of this violence, destruction, arson and murder that’s invisibly being committed by white supremacists keeps being reported while these same acts in reverse by the black community is being ignored and not considered a lethal threat? Why?


excellent points and observations thank you

good point. let alone “white supremacy terrorism”

I mean if we want to talk biggest threat I am going to have to go with unidentified flying objects routinely invading our airspace with impunity. If whoever they are decided to drop nukes on American cities tomorrow there is literally nothing we could do to stop them.

You think violence by black people is the most lethal threat to America?

yes i was just confirming. no need to be so defensive

i’m glad someone else disagrees with the president

i guess we’ll never know what you mean by “up there” with regards to white supremacy terrorism though. Evidently that’s because i said it exists in the OP

…more than white supremacy and that’s the point.

i dont believe those are actual flying machines, frankly, but sensor/optical illusions and other natural phenomena