More evidence that your President (not mine) is a doofus

Oh come on now.

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No…we…meaning people who weren’t brainwashed to believe he was a god.

It was always me with TDS…TDS.


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Indeed we did

I never thought him for a moment to be god. Disliking his personality and communication style doesn’t equate to mental decline.

Biden, on the other hand is an area for concern. I am not the only person observing this.

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Then this will cause you to scratch your head…

Was I?

Just can’t help it, can you.

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I don’t need others to tell me what I can see for myself.

Hits too close?

It’s blasphemy.

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They aren’t ready, but yeah you’re right.

Lol. Good one

I don’t think so. You knew it when you posted it and did it anyway. Pure mean spirited lashing out at the religious.

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The weakest sauce.

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I see where you could think that. Looking back at my post. I thought I had posted “a god” and didn’t type the “a” and phone auto corrected to God not god.

I’m to spiritual to compare a mere man to God. I edited the original post.

Sure it is. If you can’t make any other argument, go as low as you can.

Remember I am a Godless Lib so of course I was lashing out at the religious

I’m ready.

Absolutely. Not on everything but close to it