President Biden meets with Republican senators

They give their take on the POTUS

“In the two meetings I was in with the president, he was as sharp as a tack,” Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) said in an interview.

Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.), who joined Capito at a February meeting with Biden on Covid relief, said he didn’t see anything amiss: “I visited with him in the Oval Office, and he seemed well-prepared and well-briefed for the meeting.”

I guess they missed the Biden has dementia talking points seminar.

Don’t skip that narrative next time.


Well, I have to admit it is hard to be sure he is senile, considering he has always been a moron.


Kamala must have been behind the wall pulling the strings.

Fox News will likely be contacting these so - called Senators soon to schedule their appointment for some “education.”

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Wow that’s working against the narrative.

Ha! They will rue the day!

Personally I enjoy the narrative that an unrepentant policy wonk for five decades doesn’t understand policy.

Todd Young was a bona-fide Trump bootlicker while Trump was President. This is going to cost him. Trump still runs the republican party does he not?

Defacto at the very least, yup. Can you say C-A-N-C-E-L?

Well, he hasn’t bragged to us about being able to remember-
Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV - Why not? What’s he got to hide?!


Everything is fiiiiiine. Nothing to see here…now move along. (Kamala chuckling in the background) :sunglasses:

Cackling. She cackles.

It’s rather annoying.

So he messed up the border situation without having an excuse?

Texas Democrat shares new photos of migrant kids being held at the southern border | Fox News

The same policy wonk who’s advise to Gun owners was to go out on their porch and commit a crime to scare away burglars?


Lol you’d be giving a standing O if a Republican had said it.

No he wouldn’t, what a stupid post.


No I wouldn’t.

What kind of idiot thinks it’s a good idea to fire a two shot gun up in the air twice.

It’s not only a crime, but now you have an empty gun.

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