Mollie Hemingway and Victoria Collier agree, there is election fraud taking place

prob nothing he can do

but with voting machines networked and software driven plus with us mail at the heart of elections now…. harvesting. etc it’s a farce

like everything else govt bastardizes to seve itself

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It doesn’t matter that upstate New York is as sparsely populated as Utah. It doesn’t matter that Easter. California is as sparsely populated as Utah

None of this matters. Only special rules for special places matter.

And all because he told them he got cheated.


The final conclusion

Nothing is real. It’s all a sham. But if gop wins the White House all will be well. Except for blue states where everybody cheated


Do you support reducing the number of in person polling places in high density areas?

talk about ignoring a subject. what happened to your early voting is somehow unconstitutional in New York state thread.

back in Hannity forum dustbin of incorrect predictions by you.

Hint: the New York state early voting act was declared constitutional
by the NY supreme court.


I’d have way more respect for this conversation if “election integrity” was something the right cared about in the aftermath of the 2016 election.

Hold on to your bippies (Old Bob Prince nugget of rhetoric)

The Lakewood Church shooter was an illegal resident and VOTED in 2020.

From El Salvador and trans and voted Biden (my presumption)


People with disability which might limit them driving or walking. Or recovering from major surgery, due to which they are laid up and cannot make it to a polling place. Or perhaps, they live in the countryside, and would have to spend an hour or two to get into the city to vote.

They did …. for blue states.

Remember there was even a commission………

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Corrupt ballot harvesters are a different issue. They need to be a licensed notarizer.

She wasn’t illegal :joy:

She just wasn’t a citizen. She was a permanent resident

She wasn’t transgender

You guys read the weirdest things.

Oh right. The election commission that found no evidence of voter fraud and was disbanded.

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I see a “might” and a “perhaps” and a “would have”.

That’ll do. :wink:


why did you ignore this?

oh right…. you only drive narratives.


Because he is pushing his own findings. His own conclusions. That people moved and then voted.

I would love to see this get adjudicated though

Also you saying narratives after quoting an allegation supporting your narrative is truly special

You don’t even know even realize that it’s just an allegation. You have taken it as confirmation.

Nothing is real unless the gop wins the White House.

What about this concerns you?

Do you think these 35,000 people voted in the wrong jurisdictions for nefarious reasons?

you dont think they can be?

Sure. Some of those people may have decided to vote in the wrong jurisdiction to game the system in some way. But I imagine that a vast, vast majority of those individuals voted incorrectly by mistake and with no maleficence.

Of course voters should all vote in the correct jurisdictions and action should be taken to ensure that happens. But again, what are you most concerned about here?

i agree.

that illegally cast votes are in numbers high to change to change. the outcome of the election and that when the president asks that someone investigate that for the sake of election integrity in a tight race they dont get indicted for it by corrupt hating partisans

would never happen probly huh?

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Sure, but the example you’ve provided seems more clerical in nature and not abusive. People are making mistakes without intention to break laws. The goal is always to have people vote where they are supposed to and action should be taken to ensure that. Your example proves our system isn’t perfect but it also shows fraud is typically done in error without intent.