Missouri rejects right to work

missouri passed a right to work law which the governor signed. unions got enough sigantures to put the law on the ballot where it was overwhelmingly rejected by more than 2-1.

a huge rejection of one of the rights pet projects


Missouri loves company.


Only businesses make out with “right to work laws”

If you put it to the vote of the masses it would be overwhelmingly rejected.


Here’s the fox news link



Their choice.

Good. Go, Missouri workers.

Just the dying corpse of organized labor showing an involuntary flexing of a toe.

The private (non-government) unionism rate is under 7% and steadily falling, as workers repeatedly say UNION NO.

This victory means nothing.

Unions are increasingly becoming irrelevant in the private sector and even in the public sector their numbers are slipping away.

In light of the overall state of unions, the Pyrrhic nature of this election victory is obvious.


LOL. You’re harshing their buzz.


Yeah, unions are crap. Where I work, the union used to prattle on about how we’d be making way less money if it wasn’t for them. At one point, the company bought another one. It’s employees were making way more than us. And they weren’t union. You should have seen my shocked face. To add insult to injury, they froze those employees pay until we catch up to them, which should only be another 10 years, or so. Welcome to the union, guys! Luckily for them, and for me, Florida is a right to work state, so we don’t have to pay this crap union anything.

And remember, unions don’t care about members, they care only about the membership.


The decline in wages and standard of living for those with only HS or less education tracks directly with the decline in unions.

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He doesn’t care. From Saf’s previous posts here he is happy to harm union workers he sees the labor side as adversaries.

He’s probably one of those guys that imports lots of stuff from Asia.

From what I understand yes but it is agricultural. And I am a strong believer in that and free trade agreements in general so long as they cover and enforce issues like the environment , slave and child labor.

Why the disdain for organized labor?

Depends. The union at the local paper mill my grandfather retired from has fought tooth and nails for its members. I owe my college education to the money he was bringing in thanks to collective bargaining. They only had to strike twice in 30 years. But then again the mill owners and union leadership were reasonable people who understood that happy employees are productive employees. It was a mutually beneficial partnership for most of those years.

Not every union is that good. A lot of them are terrible. I blame the fall of organized labor primarily on union overreach in the late 1970s. The UAW being one of the most egregious offenders.

I think labor and capital need to have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Far to often one or the other makes outrageous demands.

It’s the wrong move. They need to support other kinds pro-union legislation though.

Yep profit needs to be made but a healthy economy needs money to be flowing through it.

Which is why participation in them should be elective. People shouldn’t be forced to purchase a terrible service.


Yeah I wouldn’t have a problem with unions if they allowed people a choice. But their scare tactics, aggressive and most often violent nature would never allow that.